Transitioning To Texas

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I am so happy to be here. Our house in New Jersey is sold and we bought a house here in our new home town.

It’s beautiful here, open and the air…so fresh! The kids are enrolled in school now, Jason is off to work. I am back to my old ways….running all over town, on the phone all day, doctors, teachers and other fun stuff! House work and now starting a work out routine all over again.

I am hoping in the next month or two, I might even find a job outside the house. I look forward to that!

I think we all have some growing pains going on. New Jersey was so closed down that no one had full days in school or work. We were stuck together and had no contact with the outside world. There hasn’t been a single friendship or going out and being “peopley”.

Now we have to wear “really” clothes, without elastic! I mean, I still dress like a high school boy…jeans, a hoodie and my adidas. Either way getting back into “real” life feels good but tighter for sure. Time to lose some weight, be able to not take naps during the day and get productive. It’s uncomfortable as times but it also feels really good!

I think all the newest, we have experienced is really wearing on all our us…physically and mentally. Our bodies have gotten a bit to comfortable being in isolation…and mentally we have become totally dependent on each other because we only have had one another.

In someway, it’s great because the isolation forced us to heal from the busy, unnecessary drama and stress we had in California. The peaceful quite of the Pine Barrens was what we all needed. We got to get to know each other again. We learned how to trust one another and be content with life, in all the simple things. For that, I am so very thankful.

This time I hope we all find a good balance for our personal lives and as a family. To have goals and to explore! I want us to be able to find peace and contentment but also get moving, and be productive! It will be an adjustment for us all but God has given us a very smooth path to get started here in Texas…again I am so thankful for that.

I know I have my own personal goals and I am excited to seek them out. I am so excited to be apart of this new community, be apart of my kids schools and get in shape! The future is scary in this world but we still have so much to look forward too!

I have faith in my family, the lives God has given us and even in this broken, beat up body of mine. I have total faith God is guiding us and have made a path for us, a place for us to call home.

I love you, Texas!

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