Home Sweet….Texas


We made it. We made it to Texas! I have to say, I am highly enjoying the warmer weather.

My tan skin will return and that pale pasty girl will be long gone in no time! I’ve hid under my hoodies and sweats for the last nine months, but now, I can shed my bulky attire, and let my skin feel the warmth of the sun!

We’re currently, living in temp housing, near San Antonio. We’ll be here for a little bit, while we look to buy house…hopefully soon!

We sold our house in NJ, the first 24 hours it was on the market! We had 5 offers all over asking! We did well!

I’m trying to get the kids enrolled in school. My daughter will start Monday and My son the next day. They’re both excited to be somewhere that they can go to school…a normal day. Finally a chance for these kids to make some friends…live a somewhat normal live.

The last few years have been rough. New Jersey was a time to reconnect, relax and heal. We got the peace we needed, in the forest of the Pine Barrens.

Though 2020 was hard on many, lonely and financially devastating. I agree, 2020 was isolating for sure. I didn’t make a single friend in NJ. I didn’t meet a single person. My kids didn’t make any friends or get a chance to get to know their community. It was a lonely time to be a kid.

However, for us… we needed to be stuck together. We had so much distance between us over the last 3 years. There was lots of hurt and pain… both emotionally and physically. 2020 in a word was our peace.

With so much craziness in our world, it might be hard to believe but truly is wasn’t a bad year for us. In our little family, we reconnected and spent time getting to know each other again. I loved it really. New Jersey was good to us. I’m happy for our time there.

Now in Texas, we make a home. A new home, but a home we will have for a very long time, and for that, I feel so blessed.

I’m excited that we’re here. The sunshine, the friendly people, the openness, the hope of getting back to who we are.

I get to be close to my family, get healthy and start improving personal. Investing some time and energy of ourselves a little. I’m excited for that.

God has taught me many very hard lessons along the way, but all those lessons brought me to this point. I’m applying all I have learned, and doing better, being more grateful and patience.

Truly, God has blessed us. In a time where most all people are loss, fighting and plain hateful…THIS family isn’t playing. We see the grace and love of all God has done for us and continues to do. For all this we are beyond thankful.

Now, it’s time to get started becoming residence of Texas! Thank you Jesus!


13 thoughts on “Home Sweet….Texas

  1. Happy y’all are there! Hopefully for a good long while!

    What’s wrong with pasty?? Lol!! 🤦‍♂️


    1. I guess, pasty is fine if that’s your norm. It’s not mine. My skin is normal tan…an olive, tan…I have been looking dead, lately! But for the last weeks I’ve been able to be out in the sunshine and I am now seeing the color return to my skin! YES!!!

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      1. Snowy? LIke it’s snowing? I know right now in NJ, they are being hit with a massive winter storm! I am so glad not to be there right now! It’s cooler today in TX (my area0 but still almost 70! I love it!

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