I Blame The Media

Yes, I’m another one of those people blaming the media for… well everything.

The media has had totally control since the first newspaper.

We trust them to inform us. To let us know what’s happening in the world. We trust them to tell us what a good product is and what’s a bad one. To let us know when something not safe and when it is.

We have so much faith in whatever the media tells us that we have completely stopped thinking for ourselves.

The media has had an agenda since the beginning of time. They are not in the business of honest and never have been.

We’ve seen what happens to a person who goes against the grain. When someone speaks out and tell us we’re being lied too. The whole “ if you see something, say something” can get you killed.

It’s disgusting and unfortunate. But the good thing is God gave us a brain, the ability to have a thought, to think for ourselves.

Now will we have the courage to be independent thinkers? To demand an honest media. To make choices for ourselves, stead of having them pressed upon us?

I sure hope so.


4 thoughts on “I Blame The Media

    1. I guess I’m feeling a little over it! I love people and can’t stand them at the same time. It’s so frustrating how humans can do the most beautiful things and are still the most destructive things on earth. I believe God gave us a mind…a brain to form real thoughts, to think, to create and to share ideas and more but so many have chosen to not use it. It’s maddening!

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      1. I fear the modern human is incapable of thinking for his or herself. People seem to be perfectly suited to be mindless followers of their respected masters.


      2. I do think theirs a lot of that “mindless following” going on but I think about what happen in the holocausts. The Germans used to use propaganda to pushed their agenda, to gain the public’s trust. It worked. People followed right along and years and years later, we all said “never again” but here we are following right along. I find comfort in knowing that God has the bigger picture. He is all knowing and everything is worked out already. I trust that. I also know I have nothing to fear because God is for me. You know that too!

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