Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Here we go yet again. We’re moving…You heard right, ya’ll! After only 45 weeks in New Jersey, we are hitting the road again! Someone grab my cowboy boots!

It came as a shock to us, truly. We had no plans to leave South Jersey for at least 5 years or more. We bought our little house in wood, on 5 beautiful acres of New Jersey Pine Barrens, ready to make a homestead. We started our home improvements and did what people do when settling into a new place.

Of course it was harder to get settled in, in some ways but I don’t blame New Jersey for that. I blame Governor Phil Murphy and this damn Rona for that. Still, we did our best with these new changes.

We were hopeful that life would easy up and things would continue to improve for us here. We believed, in the next year, we’d make some friends, and I would either go back to school or find part time work in a school again. We were hopeful making this place our home.

Changes have been happening all around us but for this family is seems like change in the only constant in our life. Sometimes I feel like I can’t or shouldn’t have any of the negative feelings that I do about all this change in our lives. A lot of pressure is put on me to “be sure” I will like where we’re going. How do I know if I’m going to like every new place we move to. All I can do is hope for the best and every move that’s what I do. I hope.

I wish more of my circle of people would understand the mental damage it causes me and the kids to be on the search for a home, forever. I know that I chose to support Jason and I do believe he wants and aims for the best for us…Still, it’s emotionally and mentally hard on the kids and I.

There’s usually nothing waiting for us in the new destination. We don’t have a job, co-workers and friends that are waiting on us like my husband does. We have to create that for ourselves. It’s scary and stressful. It’s not really exciting anymore.

Not to mention the pain it causes when this new place isn’t a place we want to live at, or we have to say goodbye to new friends and are so sad. The constant carousel is draining and dishearten. Another state, another school, being lost, lonely and all the things it takes to make yourself a resident over and over.

Now we are headed to the lone star state, Texas!

I’m actually happy about where we are going. The kids are happy and I am happy about this state. This is the first time that we will be close to family. No more holidays or birthdays by ourselves. I’m really happy about being close to my sister and her family. We are still not too far from my parents and Jason has an Aunt and some cousins close by. It’s also great that the a road to Colorado is very doable now. We all feel at ease with this. Excited!

There is always so much to do when it comes to relocating. This is where my many list will come in handy.

The school

New school and old school

Temp housing

Doctor/health papers

Two realtor one to sell our house and another to buy a house there

Registration on truck and on everything

Stop mail

Get a PO box in TX

Change our address

Make a travel plan

Prepare the animals with their needs

Book the hotels

Oh, did I mention it’s Christmas time!

Buy gifts

Figure out timeline and where we will have christmas

Wrap gifts

Do million things and don’t lose my mind….got it.

Image from the article "Self-Care Goes Awry (or; Mom Problems)"     by Heidi on the Empress Tea blog

Staying positive. I know we and I…will get through this. We always do. I remember wanting to leave california so badly. We had so many hiccups there. Not just our time living there but trying to leave. It took forever for my husband’s company to even tell us where we were going. We only knew we were going somewhere.

Once we finally got that information, we had to start the packing up and moving out process. We were completely and utterly broke. Trying to make a long drive to Colorado to celebrate Christmas with Jason’s mom and my other sister. No money to get a U-haul, we crammed all 4 of us and 2 dogs, along with everything a person would need for 3 months into my truck and hit the very uncomfortable road. Yet, somehow…with the grace of God, we had a great Christmas and made it to New Jersey in one piece.

This time around we aren’t as broke ( thank you God) and we do not have to drive as far either. We know people and have family in Texas! That will help a lot when it comes to finding good temp housing this time around. It’s just going through the motions right now. Praying a lot and knowing that this is going to be good…No, great for everyone.


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  1. Good luck! I know it’s hard to move often, although the brief time in my life when I was moving often I was making a lot of short moves, not long moves. I have mixed feelings about moving now… I was finally feeling like I had a home, then things changed around me.

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