Sneaky Bastard

You stock me in the shadows but I see your every move…

Oh the sunshine, I feel on my skin.

Tell me, how long has it been?

I feel you and you bring life and warmth to these cold bones.

For once I understand, I’m not alone.

The cool breeze, blowing through the trees.

This peace and solidarity is my key.

My life was so close to resting forever.

But I rose up and am a victim never.

My true love, a heart of gold, finally I feel together with you.

My love for you, our life together, what it means you haven’t got a clue.

So grateful, so thankful to the Lord above…

You came for me, I’ve never known such a love.

To overcome these demons from the past…

Has been my freedom everlast.

Oh that sadness that was so much more.

How very broken I was to my core.

You think I don’t see you or even know your name.

Just a thief in the night, I know you came.

To steal my joy, my thirst for life.

Oh, I know you well and you cut like a knife.

Even now in my peace and all of my joy…

I know you hide just playing coy.

Around every corner of overwhelming trouble, we all have in life…

You are never far,waiting to stab your knife.

You Sneaky Bastard, I’m more than awear!

I see you there but I have too many that care!

You’re in shadows to cover my soul…

You are there, I see you; don’t think I don’t know.

Waiting for emotions, vulnerability in me.

I am not who you remember me to be.

So strong, so thankful, so loved beyond compare.

The brightest light, you could never stare!

A Sneaky Bastard you are, hide you cannot!

Depression I’ve overcome and have fought a lot.

And fight I will do forever if I have to, against you!

Happiness, love, joy and my life will pursue!

So I walk with my head held high, so much strength inside!

Depression, Sneaky Bastard; there is no place to hide.

I win…Goodbye!



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