Leave You Where You Are


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Leave You Where You are


You weren’t a home for me or a place for refugee.

Pain and destruction was all that you caused.

You shot your bullets everywhere, started fires without a care, so that’s why I leave you where you are.

Once I was free to finally leave, joy and relief came come over me. 

There are no more tears for things you’ve done, I walk away and now can see.

To break away from the poison you spout about, I must leave you where you are.

Although you’ve tried to keep a hold on us, to this day you still won’t go away.

You’ve change ever part of my life, gave me more sorrow and tears than a person should ever know.

Now in a new book so far away from you, I have to remain away and leave you where you are.

I’ll take your painful lessons than close my eyes to the bazar.

Remembering the efforts that I gave, so much of myself you have claimed.

You’ve drained me of life, without even a thanks and that’s why I must leave you where you are.



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