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I created this post over a week ago. I was going through a rough patch. I think right now we all are going through a bit of a tough time. These last 6 months have really changed me and my ability to trust the human race.

I wasn’t going to share this post but I think I might as well. Whoever wants to stay around, I am happy to have but I know their are many who might disagree to a point of hate…I hope not but with this world and the times we’re living in…who knows.

God Centered 

A Scarred Human Race | Pray On It

I am not the center of my own universe. Yet,  for the last few years ,I have been looking outward for peace, for hope, for a purpose. Still, I don’t rely solely on my own wisdom to move me onward, I know better than that. However, some of the places that I’ve visited looking for guidance aren’t the right places to find anything close to that.

I don’t think fulfillment will come from searching for it in this messy world and the judgmental people in it. My purpose will never be found by looking so far outside myself for it. Turning inward to that small but powerful voice that speaks quietly to me is where I need to be.

God's will


My soul, be at rest in God alone, from whom comes my hope. Psalms 62:6

My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth. Psalms 121:2

You are my hope, Lord; my trust, God, from my youth. Psalms 71:5

This too comes from the LORD of host; wonderful is His counsel and great His wisdom. Isaiah 28:29

LORD, my strength, my fortress, my reuge in the day of distress! To you nations will come from the end of the earth, and say, “Our ancestors inherited mere frauds, empty, worthless.” Jeremiah 16:19

My eyes are evrt upon the LORD, who frees my feet from the snare. Psalms 25:15

Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the LORD and turn away from evil; Proverbs 3:7

This world right now is a heavy, scary and mean place. I have let it affect me, ware me down. I hate that this world and the people in it have changed me so much, created such fear. I’ve been so fragile and timid.

I have to remember the person God created me to be and the good people He has put on my path to encourage me and give me strength. I’ve been blessed with awesome people with each move we make and every journey we go on.

I have a strong and unconditional faith but I am still only human and my weakness has overcome me a few times. I have to do my best not to get lost in all the noise. I don’t want to get consumed by my emotions or pain. 

I have read several blogs and social media statements about how some people feel totally content with “the government”… “them“, telling us all what to do with our lives.  This isn’t their exact words in these post but basically, these people are absolutely fine being told what is good for them, what’s right and “must be” for all people to live safely. It’s a sense of securities.

I understand, I like when I have someone else to place the responsibility on when things go wrong. Personal responsibility can be a real bitch but that’s the way the world works, like it or not. Responsibility and consequences will get us all one way or another. No one will escape it, whether here on earth or after.

Plus, relying on the direction of “others” gives people a sense of safety. Especially, when people in high places tell them what to do and call it protection. Maybe a false sense of safety but a feeling of comfort just the same.

ARTICLE -> Will God Keep Blessing America? For years this country has turned away from God. Our leaders are afraid to discuss their faith in God because it might offend someone. We have removed Him from schools and government buildings. Some would say that our society is sinful and evil. Drugs, crime, pornography, homosexuality, fornification and abortions surely are not pleasing to our God. So why should He bless us?


This world is a damn mess and people are confused, hatful and plain terrible to each other. Willing to kill each other over a difference of opinions. I shake my head at some of things people are saying and doing right now. It makes my heart hurt and stomach turn but I would never attack anyone for feeling or being different than me. What sense would that make? How would that solve a single problem? To me it would only create more problems and it is.

Mental health is being affected in the worse ways right now and it seems as if no one cares at all. All anyone can do is pew more hate -tearing each other down, holding tight to their dependencies, no matter the pain it causes them or anyone else. Pure selfishness at its best. There’s no open dialog, no communication, no compromises, just more pain. Everywhere you look there is more self righteousness, vengeance and violences. Everyone hates, everyone.

Did people forget who is in charge here? Does no one have any faith felt? Above all LOVE…does that not mean anything to anyone?

Above all, let your love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Pursue love, but strive eagerly for the spiritual gifts, above all that you may prophesy. 1 Corinthians 14:1 


It’s so easy now to turn to complete rage over wearing a mask, if you should or shouldn’t have to put it! How can people can be so worried about germs but not the wrath they are causing in all hearts, yours and mine? Making things that should be easy, so hard and complicated now. Companies, business and schools just trying to appease every single human…it’s impossible. Someone will be always pissed, offended and ready to personal attack you! Ruin your life, come after your children, your business, your hopes and dreams…no one cares when they want their way. All they see is blood! It boggles my mind and breaks my heart.

How will we ever come together? Why can’t we let people live in peace? Why can’t we choose to live our life the way we see fit for us? Let people be! Why does anyone need permission from the rest of the world to choose their own path and what is right for them and their family? This is America and we ALL should be able to live freely and safely here. No one should fear an attack or even death for choosing different than you.

Letting go of toxic people in my life was hard but I've embraced it. I've tried for many years to save people that didn't want to save themselves, and instead, kept digging the hole even deeper. Just because they're miserable with their lives does not mean you have to keep taking their shit. Know your worth when it comes to friendships and relationships. Know when to say ENOUGH! If they're not willing to grow up, doesn't mean you have to lower yourself to their level. Let them keep creating thei


Hate is all over the place and it’s so loud that it’s all anyone hears anymore. Hate is more contagious than COVID in my opinion. We are truly a divided people.

I for one have been emphatically, emotional and physically suffering by living in a place that my personal freedoms are slipping through my fingers. I worry about my kids and what this is doing to them. It’s scary. They could be hurt or killed for thinking for themselves.

I didn’t and won’t raise little robots. They are faithful, smart, intelligent and most importantly they are kind people. Having a voice, thoughts and opinion that are their own. They feel deeply for others and love everyone but if they think differently than someone else, their light could be sniffed out. They will be condemned for being who they are, thinking and feeling freely. I’ve always been so proud to have children that are free thinkers but it scares me now.

Did parents stop raising kind, caring kids? Did parents miss the “respect for others” lesson? It’s fading fast and it terrifies me, not just for my kids but the future of the earth we all have to share.

raising boys picture quotes | Honestly, do we really think a parent saw this and thought to him ...


I can’t think for one second that I have the answers here to make things better. I have no clue what would heal such a scarred human race. I do trust that God sees this mess, all the pain we are in and the dangerous place we have created. He feels it all and He will handle this. I know that.

Maybe I am crazy for believing that God will heal all hearts, restore us all fully and justice will prevail in the end. But I hang on to this.

Can I ask everyone that reads this to be kinder to each other and stop allowing your hearts to go to a dark, hurtful, protective place as soon as you read, see or hear something you disagree with. Just try to let it go. Mind your own business. Pray on it.


We all have struggles and everyday we all are dealing with hard things. No one is immune from troubles in their life… no one. Let’s make this earth that we’re sharing a kinder, more gentle place for everyone by sharing love instead of so much meanness.



6 thoughts on “A Scarred Human Race |Pray On It

  1. It’s scary how much faith and trust people have in the government. And yet they wonder why/how things get worse. And some simply say “God’s in control”.

    Yes, He is. But we have responsibilities to uphold. And by our neglect the enemy advances. Take down your idols and serve Jesus. By Him, you’ll see change.


  2. There is an increase in stress, anxiety, fear and yes, hate.
    But I don’t think you hate. I don’t hate. I think there are a lot of people who are without hatred. (Although I guess in some cases hate is appropriate – for example we hate murder – that obviously is a good hate)
    I think there are also a lot of people out there who want peace and good, people who love kindness and are givers.

    I know these times are trying, but we were warned they would be. The ambitions and ways of operating or a worldwide political economic system are being shaken.

    I was talking to my family last week and we felt that the system is like a house with a lot going wrong. The main issue is the foundation – when Adam and Eve’s choice threw up a challenge over who is right to rule or guide mankind. But our Creator allowed that issue to be answered, even though he knew the outcome. We live in a house build on a crumbly foundation, We are seeing the leaks in the roof, the dry rot in the timbers, the cracks all down the walls, the holes in the floor, the burst pipes, the rusty hinges, the termite infestations….but it still provides some basic shelter and stability (here in England we are grateful for the NHS and many other government provisions).

    We know the good news. A righteous rulership will replace it, built on a solid foundation, the rightfulness of our Creator’s rule. But we still live at a time when many people would prefer to live in a crumbly rotten house rather than accept rulership of a loving and wise Creator.

    We also know that our Creator wants to rule by love, not fear, but at some point He will have to render justice regarding those who cause great harm. He has allowed a lengthy period of time and He has been very patient. Like any loving father, He will want us to do good and seek peace. He has promised that no harm that His faithful ones experience is beyond His power to undo.

    I was thinking about the prophet Daniel the other day. He lived through momentous times. He was right there in the centre of Babylon on the night of its downfall. But for around one hundred years, that faithful and humble man kept his focus on how God’s purpose would be fulfilled through the Messiah. No doubt it was deeply challenging to him at times to live in ancient Babylon and then under the rule of Medo-Persia. The scriptures candidly report times he felt depressed. But he was sustained by the Creator who viewed Daniel as precious. Towards the end of his days, Daniel was promised that although he would rest (in death) he would stand up again. (Anastasis – stand up – resurrection)

    These may be tough times, but what is ahead will be wonderful. There may come a day when we are chatting at a neighbourhood party and we are talking about “the old days”. I hope that we have experienced so much joy on seeing the damage done to the human race, the earth and its creatures undone that we find the memories of the stress and anxiety have faded.


    1. Thank for your comment. It definitely has given me another perspective to look at. There’s a lot of truth in what you say here, things I need to remember as I continue to move forward in this really weird time.


      1. ❤ At least you are know who to turn to in tough times ❤

        Some people are frightened but they do not know where to look for hope, comfort, strength and wisdom.


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