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Here in New Jersey, we are pretty slow at reopening our state but it’s not because all the people here are scared to do it. Sure, there’s some people that want to stay in their homes and get those government checks, keep watching the news and be in a forever state of alarm!

But there are more of us that are over this BS and just want our lives back. We are over the mask, the restrictions, the lack of freedom and we’re worry about our kids futures! We want to live in peace, not live in panic anymore. Being at high alert 24/7 is not something that I am interested in doing the rest of my life.

It doesn’t mean we want to go cough in everyone’s face because honestly, I have loved the “be smart stay 6’ft apart” rule. I hate having people rubbing up next to me at the store or really anywhere. If any rule should stay in place forever as common courtesy, it’s the back the hell off rule! But I also hate wearing a mask and I hate making my children wear one.

History Lovers Club on Twitter: "Due to the threat of poison gas attack, every person in the UK was issued respirators, 1940s.… "


I know some of you have your reasons to disagree with me about these restrictions and that’s fine. The way the world is suppose to work is, you think or believe something and I am okay with that and you are okay with me believing different than you.

You and I can both share and compared ideas and thoughts constructively and with respect. Then we will come to a conclusion and choose to come together or move on. Either way, we both continues to live our lives freely. I never stop you from having a full life and you don’t stop me. The world has forgotten this. People have forgotten this. Sad really.

You want polite police, polite teachers but we don’t have a polite society at all. We have a society full of users and abusers. Entitled victims.

Is the Thriver Model of taking 100% personal radical responsibility one of “victim blaming?” Sometimes people tell us it is. Find out in this blog why Personal Responsibility is Not Blame! and how accepting there is a bigger picture going on in Narcissistic Abuse that can lead to freedom from abuse and a new thriver life. #narcissist #victim #abusesurvivor #abuserecovery #thriver



After working an in environment that would make most people sick in many ways. I just don’t want or feel the need to wear the mask ( I do because I don’t break the law). I trust my body and I also know what awesome things it can do when it gets stronger, wisely.


I have worked with nasty little germ monsters for nearly 20 years, all while never having a flu shot once and never getting the flu. I know doctors…can you believe it! I have had to clean up their poop and pee so many times, all after parents swear to me that their child has NEVER had an accident ever in their life….Right, I believe that one!

I did this day in and day out for years. My boss, at that time never gave us the “right” things that CDC or the Health Department would have mandated to clean that up. I was breathing the nastiest stuff ever all the time. I tired to clean my classroom the best that I could, even bring in cleaning products from my home and buying things from the store with my own money! I promise you my classroom floors were the grossest things on Earth!

Parents would drop off their sweet little bundles of joy with the flu, earaches, stomach bugs, you name it; to us the teacher, with mad, terrible fevers and my boss; who loves Jesus and money… Would force us to keep these very sick students in class all day!

I would still try to teach a class with other healthy kids and that’s just how it was. Other teachers had to do this too, all while holding in our arms sick children and wiping their noses and their tears. It was ridiculous!

But it’s also why I don’t get sick to much now. I caught some terrible colds back then but with every single cold or sickness that I got, my immune system got a little stronger.

I do worry about getting Covid19 and I don’t want my family to get sick obviously. We take precautions and following the law. We don’t go in large groups. We keep our hands clean and don’t touch people or anything really.

Even though it’s all over the news that it clearly doesn’t matter, depending what the people’s cause is anyway! There are hundreds of thousands of people gathering, screaming in each other faces, shoving and hitting each other and doing way way worst. I guess that doesn’t count? I guess covid just somehow skip those people? Strange?

But no, my family is NOT part of that. We don’t gather in any groups. Especially, ones the destroy history or any property. We don’t cause harm to others ever.

We love and support and pray from here. For peace and that all people would come together, healthy and prosper. I want us to have joy and care and purpose filled lives. All of us.

Don’t forget the people who want us living in a state of panic, at war with each other, in fear all the time, fighting and killing each other are nice and safe and protected in their mansions.




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