Above All These Is LOVE| Faith, Hope & Love| Revisited

Faith, Hope & Love|Revisited

I original wrote this poem in July of 2019. Still going through my blog and cleaning it phase, I have been picky with which post that I want to even touch. Some things should just stay in the past, right where you left them, untouched. If anyone is interested in cleaning up their old post here’s a new link to try: https://smartblogger.com/repurposing-content/

Anyhow, I stumbled upon this little poem here and it seems fitting to me. Maybe it will to you too? Life just seems so piled up with more and more chaos. It’s one thing on top of another and it’s all bad. Yet, personally, my life for once is going pretty awesome.

This is not say that the world has not effected me greatly, because it has. It’s just that over that last 3 in a half years particularly, God have really prepared me for “tough times” and so with that, I guess, my reactions to the things in the world are different. I’m not getting dragged down into the swamp and the hate of it all. Still I get angry and my heartbreaks over and over. I cry still often but I pray more!

But I am living while I am alive. One phase I am really sick of hearing is “when this is over”, or “after this we can”… I have been living my a whole life in those type of phases. My husband is terrible about it. When we have money we will…..” When this passes we can….” After this is over we will be better…”  The thing is, it usual never changes much at all. It’s a lie we tell ourselves to make us comfort to live in a stagnant place and be okay with. 

I am living my life right now dang it! I ‘m done with stagnant and done with being held back! Whether someone likes me or not or agrees with my blog post! Whether, it’s raining or sunshine! No matter what the number in the bank account is or the stats on my blog! I don’t care about the nonsense people say or the things they do! I’m not joining in with any of silly games any longer! It’ll still be the same bs that it is today, tomorrow and the day after that! I’m over it and done.

Please don’t get any of your drama on me! 🤪

With all that said, I felt this poem was worth a re-share. No one’s made perfect on this Earth but in our Father in Heaven eyes, we all are perfectly made.

Live the life you were given with honor and respect. Don’t lie to yourself that tomorrow it’ll be different because it won’t. Be different today.

Faith, Hope and Love but above all these LOVE.

So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13


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Above All These Is LOVE


And I think to myself… what a wonderful world 🌎

If I want this world to be 💕 a safe, loving place for you and me.

My voice doesn’t need to be the loudest 🌊  my fist not the hightest!

To changes hearts ♥️   and move mountains, only one thing remains true 🙌🏼

Faith, 🙏🏼  Hope, 💛  and Love❤️  but above all these is LOVE 🤟🏽

Remembering who I am and who God has Called us all to be 🙏🏼  so perfectly made in His eyes.

Listening to that inner voice ♥️  to guide us and give us strength 💪🏽

Sometimes will be shaken and feel broken 💔  but we find our power in God alone👆🏼

So we kneel 🙏🏼  in prayer to our God, then stand up tall, wipe away the dirt from our eyes 👀

Our vision is restored, we’re replenished 💛  and our hearts ❤️  are back in place 🙏🏼

Now we see truth for what it is and can be in peace ✌🏽 together


10 thoughts on “Above All These Is LOVE| Faith, Hope & Love| Revisited

  1. I’ve included you in the Special Blogger Award! Just some recognition and appreciation. I believe you deserve it!


  2. Hey, just wanted to tell you that you’re one of the people who keep doing the blog thing. I don’t want to take any credit for any help you’ve received from me because that’s purely the Lord. But I feel an appreciation and that’s encouraging.

    I also wanted to encourage you to keep going and writing about your journey. I’m serious when I say you are more than ordinary. You’re a mom, a wife, a survivor and a human being. Jesus loves you just as much as He loves me. He has a purpose and a calling for you. Keep seeking Him daily and talking to Him. I can’t tell you why you’ve been through everything you’ve been through, but there’s a reason and a purpose. That sounds kind of cheap, but it’s true.

    I’m humble that “you’re my people”. I accept you and I don’t judge you for anything. And I’m around if you ever need prayer or someone to listen.

    Sorry for a long sappy message, but I felt the need to talk to you.


      1. Ok… I’ve thought about something but I don’t know if you or your husband would approve, but if you need I’d give you my email if you ever need prayers or help.


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