Remember The Mission|Don’t Lose Hope




Remember The Mission

It’s been rocky. Twists and turns and sleepless nights. Red faces, soaked with tears on more than one occasion.

Oh hell, we all have had our share of throwing a fist at the sky! This life sure can seem unfair.

The world owes us nothing. So we work harder to keep going! Keep trying to solve the puzzles of this life. Decipher the maze we’re all living in.

What’s this burning that fuels our motivation, that drives our souls?  There’s something that pushes and pulls us.

It’s Hope. It’s a small but fierce fire that lives inside us all. It’s the energy that builds up and creates movement to propels you. It give you a fighting chance. Keeps blood pumping in your veins!

It’s a title wave of force that creates a vest, a passion, a spirit that is unique to each person.

With each beat of your heart, a shock of electricity fires through your brain and out burst all of your wonderful distinctive ideas!

Creativity, grace, mercy, words, love, laughter, strength, our humanity… in the best possible ways, into the world and this is hope!

This is The Mission people. Don’t forget get your mission.

Don’t forget why you’re here! Be a servant to the one who Graced you. Use your gifts to bless the world! Don’t let them go to waste! 

Feel that burn in your chest. The excitement flashing in your mind! The desire to learn, improve, fight another day, to forgive, help, to change and to embrace.

Be raw and real! Champion the person YOU were meant to be! 

Get on your knees and thank God for this day! Then stand up tall with your head held high! March the hell on and get things done. You were born for this!

Do not lose your fire. Don’t lose your hope.

Don’t forget the mission!


- 26 Inspirational Quotes of Strength and Hope - EnkiQuotes

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It's the way of carrying, that matters. - Imgur

Standing up for yourself doesn't make you argumentative. Sharing your feelings doesn't make you oversensitive. And saying no doesn't make you uncaring or selfish. If someone won't respect your feelings, needs and boundaries, the problem isn't you; it's them. -Lori Deschene

A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else.  Unknown Author

It's so empowering to say "This isn't serving me." and walk away.    truth, quote, christian quote, quotes, inspirational quotes, inspiration, christian



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