Special Type Of Person

If you only saw yourself the way I see you…

The last 3 in a half years have been hard, full of learning and reprimanding by a higher power. It wasn’t anything we thought it would be like. We have had trouble adjusting to our life and handling the hurtles we’ve faced. Yet, even in the worst, most painful times we have faced them.

You’ve worked so hard day and night. Made yourself sick at times! Driving hours upon hours to be number one and master your new position. You did that it in less than a year! Your drive and determination pushed us all and before we knew it, we were on the a new place. Trying to convince ourselves this was adventure… a good thing.

There was no time to get use to this new place and make it a home. You were back at work, back at being number one right away! This is just you but it’s lonely for us both… you being you.

You’re hard work moves us on but it was more than that. It’s your will, your many years of experience in your field and the wisdom you have gained and share with others! It’s your brilliance and dedication to mastering your craft. Your vision for the further and your talent for reinventing and encouraging the people around you! It’s no wonder you were transferred to one of the largest zones in the nation in such a short period of time, then so quickly promoted. I’m not surprised at all!

The stress and overwhelming anxiety, making decisions for our families future was and is the scariest and hardest thing we have ever had to do! Especially, moving all over the country with our children in tow. I know you’re under so much pressure and think if anything goes wrong, it’s your fault. Guess what! I feel that way too.

We live in a pressure cooker, doing far more than our share by ourselves… with so little support from one another for far to long. It’s just you doing your job and me doing mine. We hope for the best but our expectations are low. But that’s no more! We aren’t living that way anymore but change… even good change is scary. It’s overwhelming! You get use to living in your bubble.

You are panicked! You look around and see things that need you and people who need you and that is overwhelming. You haven’t had to deal with that in awhile but you have done all this before and very well. You know my expectations have changed. I have to live better but you should know that you do too!

I know you can manage and prioritize your life. This place isn’t work. It’s an escape from your actual work. You are not alone and you are not being rushed, you’re just not being allowed to stand still. Everything will fall into place and we will make it all happen. We will make a great place to live and to celebrate life, taking small steps forward! You and I will arise to this awesome opportunity with our family and this will be the road back to ourselves we needed. I know it.

We are awesome ❤️

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