Settling In|You Are My Home 🏠

It’s all happening!

It was four days of rain, unexpected expenses and a virus that has taken over the globe, that put everyone on lockdown, that begun this move but somehow with the grace of God, we pulled it off! Yes, we bought a beautiful piece of wooded property that needed a family to love it! And a ton off work!

We got the key to this lonely place.
Our play ground

I’m so thankful in the wake of this uncertain world that God spent time preparing Jason and I for this unforeseen journey. I knew back in California I was being taught some hard and very painful lessons, being prepped for something ahead.

Ella and Dozer relaxing in sun

Staying strong and able to handle the unknowns of this house and this move, keeping the faith through it all would have only been possible if we would have rode those rough waters earlier. Only with faith could we have pulled through this but it’s been tough and I haven’t said much to anyone about it.

Good morning sunrise

This move has not been perfect but I don’t know what a perfect move looks like anyhow! We didn’t buy a house that was without its own set of issues and need of our time, love and did I mention money? It does need some help (lots). It needs what I like to call “lots of love” but we’ll be here plenty long enough to give that love and we bought it right, I think we can make it what we want it to be for us. We’ve never been able to do that before with any place so this is a great blessing to this home and our family.

Signs of Spring and beautiful blue sky

So for now our hands and feet… along with every other part of our body aches with pain as we rip open box after box trying to clean and make this creaky old house our new home. I wander around trying to figure out where to put thing… clueless. And truly everyday one thing is more clearer than the day before… I’m too damn old to keep moving like this…I just can’t do it anymore.

Morning fog will burn off soon
My quite moment as sun comes up
Still have it since our first house in 2004 – made by my sister Jessica as a Christmas gift.
The best “new” part of our home! My addiction!
Taking a break to watch some Disney+
Cozy Dozy… Dozer is the happiest I have ever seen out here!
Mama’s baby… Ella is all snug watching me work.

I’m excited to get this place into a “livable” and comfortable state for us because than I can write and focus on my blog and kids properly again. For now I’m a little hit or miss as I am homeschooling my kids with the rest of the United States and trying to just “get settled” will take some time for sure. I don’t know how long…

Jason and I trying to stay dry during the move.

It’s times like these when I desperately need people in construction, electricians and home repairs in general… even a friend to help out… you start to realize just how alone you are. How much you and your partner in life depends on each other! You seriously just have each other to figure this stuff out this with and that’s stressful! No ones coming to lend a hand… it’s just you guys.

I have family that’s really good at this stuff all over and if we all got together this house would be done in a few weeks but all the mystery, creeks, cracks, leak, and everything it needs are on us… but we knew that coming in to this. We’ll have to take our time and pray A LOT!

Celebrating with 🍻 beer!

Taking our time was always the plan. Do a little here and there as we have money and time for. Get our priorities in order and handle safety concerns first and move on from there. We would have to learn as would go and I’d say that’s what’s happening.

It’ll be one week in this home Monday and I think we’ve done a ton! I’ve dislocated my thumb and have hundreds of bruises all over! Jason and I both are both walking around like we’re 102 years old. I can’t imagine doing this all by myself as I have the last two moves! Thank goodness he is here (even mandatory) to help me with this one.

This is what makes everything okay. ❤️

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