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Home In The Woods

Home Sweet Home

It’s been a real miracle that we found this home. This market is not full of perfect homes for the perfect price. But I feel God lead me to this abandon, lonely, house. I do feel this house matched my brokenness and need for love. Maybe we are meant to be together?

Alone, waiting to be loved… much like me.

This old, banked owned house was built in the 70’s. Left, forgotten and empty for several years, this tattered beauty has been pretty beaten up. I imagine once this house had the love of a family before it was all alone. Now it’s only tenants, carpenter bees and mice.

There’s so much, at a glance that could turn people away from this place but somethings here still draws me in. I don’t know the reason why in this old house was left abandoned for so long…but I’m so happy to turn it into a home. 

I see through the cobwebs and mounds of leaves that piled along drive. Others may see a mess or dead trees…I see beauty, peace, nature at it’s best…calmness. I see pass the bear broken tree limbs and what will come when life springs from the Earth again. The forest will spark new life, heal these trees, reveal new color, grow fresh grass and prove a new home this family has been longing for.

I can see through these dusty windows, where the sun engulfs this home and keeps it warm! I see the way the beams of sunlight hit these timeless hardwood floors just right. What would you say to me if you could speak? Those floors that feel like home under my feet and sound like Christmas morning every morning, when I wake to make my coffee, with every creak of the floorboards as I move down the hallway before waking my kids for school.


I feel the warmth of tradition! Our Sunday dinners, movie pizza night, Christmas breakfast and monopoly night. I can envision making memories around a fire pit with new friends and reminiscing about old times with our old friends.  I’m ready for long walk through the Forest and creating a homestead. A safe place for wiping tears and a fun place belly laughs. 


Our family is going to explore a place that is now our HOME. A four letter word we all can all say.  Appreciate the nature and beauty that is right here. Tons of different Birds, Grey and Red Fox, Grey Squirrel, Beaver, Raccoon, River Otter, White-tailed Deer, Just to name a few… trust me, I know we have so much more…such as snakes!


This is the place we will be healing teenage broken hearts and teaching these kids how to drive! We’ll be going to Friday night High School Football Games and cheering Gigi on at her Soccer games and during spirit week. This is the place these kids will be getting ready for school dances and prepping for college.

This town is going to be the place, we hold our hand up to our heart and say the Pled of Allegiance, go to town Spring Flings, Market Places, Easter Egg hurts, Chili cook offs and Craft shows! I honestly can’t wait to come home exhausted to a master bedroom that Jason and I created together. A Mr. and Mrs. room that is perfectly, imperfect just like us.


It’s truly hard to believe that we only left Colorado just a little over three years ago because it feels like a lifetime ago. Making that move sure taught some cold hard realities. You have no one but yourself to count on. The close relationship(s) you thought you had, sure do get watered down when distance or hard times come into play. Tough times, different opinions… they sure tell you who’s loyal and who’s not. Most are not.


These people are everything. I love them.

Blood is not thicker than water. It’s a sad and painful lesson I have had beaten into me theses pass three years. The family you have, really is the family you make. The only thing that is real, is my relationship with my God. He saves me time and time again. He blesses me through the struggle, through mental fatigue and tears and sends me on a path to have a “one kingdom” life. To teach my kids better than what I knew, or what I lived..maybe…not sure the best way to say that. I just want them to treat each other with respect and unconditional love always and I think they will always. They see the pain it’s caused me to not get that in my life. 

All I know is I feel an extreme amount of joy when I wondering this place. I know I am proving my family with a stable, loving, fun, happy place to call home. And even more than all that…we genuinely LOVE each other. We like each other and want each other to succeed and do well in life. We do truly like one another and I think that’s rare sometimes in families.

Both my kids want good for each other, so I’m already off to a better start… I honestly would never accept anything less than for ALL of us to be cheering each other on in life. FOREVER because that’s the right thing to do!

Our motto in this  family, is that it only works with ALL 4 people, so we all 4 have to be working it together! And my kids know I don’t play around!




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