2am Thoughts

It’s always when the rest of the world is peaceful asleep that my mind is most alive.

My mind is flooded with writing ideas that I feel an urgency to get out of my head!

I replay conversations and interaction that I’ve had and how it all could of been different.

I have so many half written short story, it’s honestly a bit embarrassing. Never being able to finish because it’s just never quite right.

At 2am I’m awake and living a true life of a tortured writer. I can’t hit the keys of my computer fast enough to get every thought plucked from my brain.

But once 5am comes, I’m just a me again. A very overwhelmed sleepy, mom and wife. Who has no time to deal with that part of my writer’s mind!

I have to switch gears and fuel up on caffeine to power through the mommy hours. However, I know at 2am it pure adrenaline.

I come back to life. It’s pain and excitement. It’s sadness and adventure. It’s being in love and grieving my greatest lost. It’s everything all rolled in to one extraordinary experience that I am so incredibly in love with.

2am – We will say goodbye for now…. Until I see you again.

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