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Don’t Exist Anymore

Don’t Exist Anymore

It's Unbelievable How Fast People Can Change. One Day, You Mean Everything



Life is short, so do the right thing I say.

But who’s to say, what the right thing is anyway?

I’ve done what I could to keep you satisfied.

But now we don’t talk, can’t look each other in the eye.

No trust anymore. Why would we even care to speak again?

Only old photos and memories to look back on now and then.

Too much meanness and too much time has gone by now.

Different people, lives and things I’ve never allow.

By now I thought we’d protect a little better.

Sisters should do better.

What a shame.

Thought we’d learned our lesson from all we’d seen,

honored our friendship and nothing would come between.

But here we are in a pure dictatorship.

Nothing I do will make this different in you head,

the things that you read, are for me.

I’m alone. Why can’t you see?

Sisters aren’t supposed to cut emotionally.

They get you it, infinitely. Their back you never see, a dial tone you never hear.

You will never be judged, never smeared.

I can’t make it better or stop this cycle that’s been made.

My amor isn’t thick enough, I’m afraid.

So we share these people we’ve been exposed to all our life.

Don’t feel the same pains sharp like a knife.

Pretend, just like strangers. We can say ” I don’t know her.”

Try to replace, fill the void with a different person, a new face.

Nothing we do will ever erase, that we share a story and childhood much the same.

A time that only we know. A survival only unique to what we overcame.

That was so long ago, now we’re fading away, we’re blurring.

It wasn’t enough to keep us loyal and it wasn’t enough to make the phone ring.

What choice do we have anymore? Where do we go from here?

It seems clear we have to continue to disappear.

Wish each other well, many blessing and hope for the best.

Pray to dear God we don’t have too much stress.

You keep walking in your direction and I will walk in mine.

We may live like we are stranger, knowing we have a bloodline.

It’s okay. We’ve seen it done before…Pretend the other doesn’t exist!

Be at peace, be happy and no one is pissed.

Close that door.

I’m dead and gone.

Just names we once knew…

And if we are down or ever get blue?

Well, you have your replacement and I surly I have mine.

We filled the applications and life’s moving right along just fine.







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