Just Say It…

Just Say It

Once long ago the urge was consistent and real.

Saying “I love you”, we started to feel.

A kind and caring, protection was born.

Under this umbrella I’d always be warm.

Passion grew and was so intense.

We both agreed it’s something we’d never before sensed. 

Now tired and annoyed. Not quite what we planned.

We try to hold it together. Try to withstand.

Get that last word in, see who’s right!

Beat them down a little more but in the end it’ll be alright.

Making up is always inevitable. We take it every time.

Two different people. Two different climbs.

In love, the sweetest heart, steal a kiss- know this touch is more.

Work, so exhausted it’s now just a chore.

Softest purest love- such a treasure it once was.

Commitment, understanding and integrity we once guarded just because. 

Once young with a future and hopes so alive.

The truth is there but I see it! It can’t hide.

Not happy. Not sad.

Just miss what we had.


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