Goal For #2020


Goals For #2020

Angel Number 2020 And It’s Meaning: It IS Bringing You Immense Success.When you see Angel Number 2020 on a regular basis then it is a message from your Angels that all your desires and dreams are going to be true! Angels are encouraging you to take a balanced, harmonious, and peaceful stance in everything you do in your life.



I’m not one for clichés and making New Year’s resolutions! However, I think due to our huge transition, this calls for goal planning and some vision for the future!

I’m excited for 2020 and all it holds! I, along with my entire family will spend this year continue our transitioning and getting to know our new township… and let’s face it… our new lives. Which I welcome! Who knows what kind of love, relationships, sights and experiences that will bring for us!

My family is living in temporary housing for now but soon we will be in a house of our own and have a neighborhood that’s a good fit for our whole family, here in New Jersey. And that makes my heart very content!


The kids start a new school and will have to adjust to that but it’s nothing new for them. It doesn’t makes it any easier for them or less scary but they know the drill. I can only pray that they both have good teachers, good schools, people who care and meet amazing, wonderful people on their paths! Every parent wants that.

I too will have to find my niche! I already have some things planned that I’m super excited about it! But I’ll go into that later…

Jason is also settling in well with his new position and everyone is amazingly welcoming and kind. He seems so much lighter and overall happier. This makes me and all of us happy to see him in such a better and kinder mood.

Both my sisters are in transition as well. One of my sister’s also is getting adjusted to a new state and it seems like things are going good. I only know this by here-say but it seems like everyone is happy! The other sister is finally finding her peace and some love that she so deserves. I’m really happy for both of them. I have a good feeling this year is going to be a great year for them both and their kids. We all need a breather!

My parents as well are just beginning their own transition, moving to Tennessee from Colorado. This is a massive move for them and I think it’s safe to say, no one thought this move would ever happen. I’m excited for them and this new chapter in their life. I think once they stop visiting everyone and traveling all over the place, and start actually living in their new town, things will settle in for them. A new normal will happen for them.

It’s nice when you start to have “your” coffee shop, gym, post office, grocery stores, hair salon… etc. You need your normal places that you go to make a town feel like you really belong there. (I know 😉)

My personal mission- this year will be to give myself permission to change my mind. Sometimes I hold myself hostage, as if the world will stop revolving because I said that I would do something or that I liked or didn’t like something but I might not feel that way anymore. I need to allow myself the same permission that I give others, to change and  grow. I don’t have to be same or have the same thoughts or feelings forever. Not everyone has to like this about me and this is something that I will really, REALLY need to work on this year. 

Also, not being stagnant! Growth and peace is a good thing! I’m going to pray everyday that God will direct my steps and lead me where to go!  I just want to be moving forward. Doing nothing isn’t an option for me anymore. And to add to this, I am praying that God will protect and help me fight and stay strong against falling back into old patterns, like allowing negative peoples, words or others actions toward me or around me, to unmotivated me or effect my overall way of functioning. I will be better at bounce back and taking care of myself.

I have some pretty exciting plans coming up but I want them to be God’s plans! So before I move on them, I’m going to pray on them. I know I need to be in house first and more settled in then I am now. Either way, I am faithful in God’s plans for me! 💯


Find a church home! We attended such an amazing church in Parker, Colorado! I’d really like to find something that will feeds our family spiritual and has great youth groups for our kids to be part of! I miss having worship be part of our family! It’s been far too long. Our Saturday night, family date night with worship was our favorite night of the week! I miss that!

Okay– I know every human says this but I need this! I use to go to the gym all the time at one point in my life! Then a few years ago, after I got so sick, I found yoga and I loved it so much! This year I am going to regain my health! I need to heal my body! My mental health and my physical health are going to be a focus!

I’ve already lost 20 lbs, ( which I have kept off for over 6 months) which is crazy that I was so heavy in the first place! I’ve always been very toned and thin… Sickness and depression changes everything! My mental health is stronger than ever and I am empowered and feeling great! Now to keep it up 👍🏽 and add better foods and more workouts!

Yesterday was my first day doing a real workout that I’m actually sore from! I worked my legs, glutes and tummy and then took a 30 minute walk with the kids and the dogs. I made sure not to eat a single carbs at all which about killed me! I wanted a twinnie but did not eat one! I had some meat and veggies and then for dinner did a lettuce wrap and fruit. I only drank coffee and water all day! I’ll be updating you all on how this goes, so keep me accountable…please!

Even Jason is on board with getting healthy! But I think for him it’s getting physically fit and spiritual strong. I’m down with that! ❤️

In all, we have so much going on that it could very easily become overwhelming but I’m looking at this as being very exciting for us! I’m so grateful for this transition in New Jersey! Making a home here is a great way to come together as a family and I’m looking so forward to that! Paying off old past debts and starting fresh… I want nothing more.

It won’t be easy all the time but I’ve been through worse 😉 This is going to be the best year yet and not just for us but for ALL of us! I believe it!



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  1. You go girl!!

    Pray and ask God what church He wants y’all to go to! Believe me if you’re serious He will send you!


    1. I know you are right! I’m praying for many things right now! #home #church #savemoney #Closefriendsforusall #healfamily #healthmarriage #thelistgoeson


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