On The Road| CHRISTmas In Colorado

Christmas Time- ing

There’s just no other way to put it. This Christmas time was timed perfectly by God. There’s just no way that me, in my very flawed humanity and all of the craziness of my life, the stuff going on in my sister’s life or in my mother in-law’s (The Meg) life, could have had the ability of this perfect time-ing  that we got together. Only God Himself could have given us the gift of this perfect Christmas Timing.

What a true miracle is was.

Christmas Eve Day 2019

Jason and I opened gifts at my sister’s house with her, my niece and nephew, and our children. This is something she always wanted to do. For as long as I can remember, Jess couldn’t wait for the day that she could have her extended family over to her house for a holiday.

Well, maybe it wasn’t like she thought it would happen but it was perfect, I thought. Better than we could have imagined and I’m so thankful!

Church And Time With The Family 💕

After a yummy Nespresso, made by Jess and cleaning up wrapping paper all over the place…. We had a little bit to eat and visit with each other, while the kids enjoyed their Christmas loot. Then it was time to get ready for church and see Grandma Meg… otherwise known as The Meg.

But first we had a quick stop at the Park Meadows Mall in the Lone Tree area. This is where we got a few last minute gifts and met up with my sister’s boyfriend, Max and met his family. Which by the way, they’re the nicest people on the planet!

After the Mall, we took the kids and my niece to church with us and met up with The Meg. But first! Coffee- then church! Always COFFEE!

The message at church was great! It was about faith. Our faith.

We want God to make things perfect for us but He knows what we actually need. The example that the Pastor gave was about a man with a bad back. You offer him a chair to rest his aching back. But he wanted a plush chair with massagers and heating and cooling, cup holder, the works… but all he needs is a wooden, three legged stool.

God is all knowing! He is our Father and He alone knows what we need. We don’t need the works, we just need a stool to sit and rest for a moment. He always provides. Always. 

This was a great message.

The End Of A Great Day And Goodbyes

After a caffeine fill day, we really needed to eat some actually food! So we went to Red Robin’s and chowed down. I drank about 5 glasses of water and tried to not fall asleep at the table.

We ended the night by saying our goodbyes to my niece and nephew/cousins said their goodbyes as well. Goodbyes are always the hardest parts and I hate them! Especially, because we just don’t see these kids as much as I wish we could! I love them to pieces!

Family is important and I’m so grateful to have the one I have!

Hitting The Pillows

I’ve been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now. Traveling and having a cold is always a fun thing- NOT! So when I finally got to bed I went to sleep fast… but only to wake up… tossing and turning because I couldn’t breathe! I was just plain completely uncomfortable. 

However, I knew we had an emotional day ahead of us and I needed to get myself together….

To be continued….















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