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Keep The Good Ones Close

Good people are hard to come by and I have had to learn that the hard way. Over my 39 years of life, I’ve met all different types of people. Sometimes you get let down and that’s apart of life. Other times you come across some people, that are YOUR people and you keep those people!

As I make my way through this place we all live, I have made some keepers, some rare but incredibly special souls; that I have been so blessed to call my friends.

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Before I go into all that… I want to make note how or why I know the importance of good people in your circle.

I have experienced not so good people in your atmosphere and complete isolation. I’ve had people in my life that I believed with every fiber of my being would of never betray me and they did. I’ve known a loneliness that no human, no mother should of ever known and it’s terrible.

So when I experience genuine humans I keep them!

I want to work backwards… today.

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Last Real Day…

November 22,2019 was basically my last “real” day of work here in California. I will sub and help out through December but basically…I’m out.


When Jason, my hard-working, very stressed out and terrible with words- husband, came to me and said “get a job… like yesterday.”

I was in the middle of figuring out a new way of life in California and talking caring my kids. My mental health was no good… not at all. I was in bad shape to say the least. I applied everywhere and took so many qualifying test trying to “get the job” but I failed over and over. I just couldn’t handle life well at the time.

Finally, I got a random call for an interview and the rest is history! I met these amazing  super great ladies!


I was still struggling to manage life. Still had anxiety, depression and insomnia like nobody’s business. But I had to be a mom, take care of our house, be a basic adult and get a job… oh and figure out our life in a brand new state. Price of cake! (Don’t get me started on my broken furniture from our move here, our tiny, overpriced house and being utterly BROKE $$$) I was not enjoying my move to California at all.

But what rays of sunshine I did start to see came from my new co-workers. A team of wonderful, funny ladies! I was just happy to be around happy people and laugh again. That was plenty good enough for me! They were changing my spirit!

It became more than a laugh in a short period of time… at least for me. The way these ladies overcome work stress and kept supporting each other as mothers, women and simply just as friends was awesome and I looked up to them in every way. I wanted to be apart of it.

Monday’s suck for other people but I enjoyed work because I enjoyed my new co-workers. When I had some issues not being paid for awhile they were just as mad as I was! They had my back! I always felt supported..always! I didn’t get support from the HR Department or Office Staff much but our team was unbreakable!

They became my new family. My breakfast buddies, my support, my California people! I am so very grateful for each and everyone of them!

Bon Voyage…

20 days ago my husband found out he was going to get a new position in his company and we’d be making yet another move. So it was time for me to say goodbye to this place but never to these amazing people. I think I’ll keep them.

My very sweet FRIENDS gave me the kindest send off today as I said goodbye 👋🏽









Now if this isn’t the most sweetest and kind thing ever than I’m not sure what is! I do feel loved for sure.


I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to these amazing women. How incredible blessed I was in my most vulnerable and desperate time of need to be place with such awesome people. That’s just too perfect. Divine indeed.


I’ll do an update on where we’re moving to in an upcoming blog! Keep an eye out for it!


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