Laps On The Keyboard ⌨️

Happy Anniversary To Me

Two years ago

I was sitting alone in very cold house in Minnesota far away from anything familiar. I was desperate to make a connection, to find a purpose. So one day after watching Juggling the Jenkins – she was talking about WordPress and her struggle, life, blogging, everything and I was like- yep…. that’s me and I’m in!

That next day I got busy and I was excited! Over time I learned more and advance my knowledge and skill set. It was therapeutic for me. I started talking to people and also pissing people off… it’s was… well… it just was.

Mostly my close family and friends paid no attention at all until they thought I might write about them. (Be careful with a writer … they might write about you) But all in all my blog grew slowly and went through seasons of its own.

At one point my journey was documented and shared. Then dissected, torn apart and rearranged. I wrote about it all. I shared it all. Not to many people cared to read it or comment but it felt freeing for me either way.

Then we moved on… I wanted to grow, connect, find a community… I wandered for a bit. I didn’t know where to fit in. I was lost. But still had plenty to say.

I tried to add vlogging to my blogging! It was actually a ton of fun! Vlogs are work! Hours and hours of edits and music arrangement… making it match up… YouTube is a different monster! But I was able to learn a skill! Explore a whole new level of media and this was super exciting but scary too. It was my actually face, my actually voice… I was really putting myself out there. Would anyone care?

Nope… not really. It was so much work. A blog and a Vlog and no one noticed. But I liked it. It was fun and I was proud of my work! But still I didn’t know if it was right?

I gave myself a blogging break…

I had a bit of meltdown and it came out in poems. People liked it. More people noticed and more people were up set. But it felt good to get it out. Bleed on paper so to speak. My blog stayed small but the right people came and saved me from my self when things would get bad for me. So thankful 🙏🏼

Looks like I did get a little community that I fit in after all. It wasn’t easy these last two years at all! But I have grown so much. This blog has gone through so many changes too. My mental escape. It’s really been the best medicine.

I still don’t know where this blog is going and why I have family who refuses to support a passion of mine because of their own egos.

This blog is amazing. It’s about ME! It’s Freaking amazing. I made this place myself! I am not tech savvy but I’m becoming a force now. Self damn taught. I’m proud of myself. PERIOD

Thank you with ALL of my heart ❤️ for those of you who read my blog and still read it after year two because you support me… I LOVE 💕 you back!



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