The thing is sometimes I’m scared of how much I’ve been changed and other times, I could not be more absolute.

You’re not dealing with the same person. God has changed me.

Through rough waters.

Through winding roads.

Through dark valleys.

Through steep hills.

Through the blistering heat and bitter cold.

A bit of sunshine.

And some good people along the way.

It’s pressed me. 

It’s pulled me.

It’s chipped away at me.

And it’s added to me.

Ultimately, I’ve been made new.

None of this was easy. Honestly, it’s all still painful. I’ve been thrown to my knees more times then I can count.

Lessons, scars, memories, they all have marked me for a life time.

Taught me how to pray. A conversation not so casual. Not just a ritual.

A yearning, a burning, a pleading from a soul once lost- now found.

A hope, a blood line.

My oxygen.

My rest.

Safe haven, my soft place, my fire and warmth.

The spark of all life.

The fiber that makes up my very being… my purpose, my map… my light.

My sanity, recharge and resilience.

My words, my sight, my senses alive.

The vibration in the atmosphere, a feeling, a knowing.

My faith.

Never changing. 

My Father.


Yes- more than just a talk.

A healing.

A directional navigation on my soul.

Yes- I pray.

I am not who you knew…

I’m not who I knew…

I’m getting to know who God made me to be.

You will have to get to know her too.


6 thoughts on “Changed

      1. I understand… when I first decided to go in the military, I thought about the navy.. just couldn’t see myself doing that…


      2. These waters are rough. Ive been told lots of things.. God took me out here because “my enemies can’t swim” or to “make me better or stronger swimmer” , even that the waters are calm and that storm is actually in me. I don’t t want a perfect life or even an easy one. I just want one that’s not such an uphill climb. That’s all.


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