Tell The Story Challenge

Tell The Story Challenge


I’m excited to participate with  The Eclectic Contrairain|Tell The Story Challenge

There is no better time than the month of October to dig up my favorite scary monsters and creepy stories that we’ve all heard forever. What better way to celebrate Halloween!🎃


  1. I’m not a fan of dolls! This one might end your life! Well some say this doll that they call Annabell is actually very real. This ragdoll isn’t just a movie star, she’s a real doll and she kills.  She now spends her days locked in case unable to be touch by anyone, so not to be able to trap another soul inside her.real-annabelle-doll
  2.  I first heard about The Mothman after seeing the movie many years ago. This scared to me the most and for a good reason! When I was younger I use to have to drive back and forth from one small town to another and then all the way the Denver, CO all the time. One night around dusk, I swear something that looked like a bat and was about the size of a human, just barely missed my windshield! I didn’t know what it was but I was frantic! When I saw the movie and I totally freaked out. Apparently The Mothman chases cars on the regular.  Drawing Mothman Dark Red Eyes Myths Legends
  3. This next one isn’t so much a monster as it is just paralyzing and something I’m terrified of! That’s Sleep Paralysis! It’s like your body is sleeping but your mind is wide awake. Being a Lucid dreamer I have found myself awake but unable to move many times. Having a dream I was hurt in, I can feel it but can’t yell out for help. It’s weird and can be very scary. 11 PEOPLE SHARED THEIR INSANELY SCARY SLEEP PARALYSIS STORIES - Lucid Dream Society
  4. I look up at the big beautiful night sky. It’s full of twinkling lights and I know there’s more up there. It’s frightening and exciting to me! If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary of Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, it very interesting! If podcast are more your thing then The Joe Rogan Experience #1315 is a must! Both the documentary and the podcast feature Bod Lazar and Jeremy Corbell. The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast | Check out the link to the podcast here! I can’t even explain what it’s about… just check it out. Mind blown! Image result for bob lazar netflix
  5. I watch way to many ghost hunting and other phenomenon type shows. I’m not sure why theses shows intrigue me so much but they do! There is only one place that I’ve seen investigated a with such a wide variety of strange things going on that I would avoid at all cost! The Cursed Forest of Massachusetts is a state park full of campers, trails for hikers and bicyclist but the park is known for much more. This place has had sighting of UFOs, Bigfoot, ghost and even poltergeist, along with unexplained orbs. The creepiness doesn’t end there for insane curse forest, there’s been reports of silent loming black helicopters, cattle mutilation, crazy giant snakes that are there one minute then gone the next! Not to mention many report of miss people. Many hikers have never been seen again.  Map of the Bridgewater Triangle


So there’s my scary stories and I could have gone on! I have many more! But this is all for….now…👽

I’m not going to call anyone out to expand on these or add their own but if you’d like to do your own I’d love to read it! So it you do chose to write your own, Tell The Story Challenge make sure to tag me so I can know!


Hope you enjoyed this fun little post! I sure enjoyed writing it!

SK 👻🎃



3 thoughts on “Tell The Story Challenge

  1. Sleep paralysis or “being ridden by a hag” is a terrible experience!! It was a feeling I experienced often for a while. Then one time I just started yelling out “JESUS IS LORD” and the feeling passed quickly. So I think there’s more to it than scientific explanation.


    1. It’s super scary! I for sure thought I was be held down by something the first few times! I read something years ago about people who lucid dream have this all the time because this body and mind do not wake or “come back” at the same time. So crazy!


  2. I started another blog where I’m gonna post all of my writing. I’d like to invite you to see if you like it.


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