What Kind Of Pumpkin Are You?

What Kind Of Pumpkin Are You?

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I love being tagged in these fun “get to know ya” post! One- it’s so interesting to me! Two- it’s great to write about light-hearted things to changed my flow and that’s a great thing! I thank Stu beyond for tagging in October- What kind Of Pumpkin Are You 




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What This Tag Means To me…

Back when I was a pre-k teacher I use to read this to my students. We did a whole project around it! I loved how the kids we not just hearing me reading them another story but really experiencing what it’s like to clean the yucky, slimy insides out of the pumpkins. They cared so much for “their” pumpkins and making sure their pumpkins were well loved. They made sure they cleaned the inside really well but kept all the seeds because they knew the value in them, to grow more “followers” in christ. They named their pumpkins and made special care of every feature. Then after all the cuts were made, it was time to finally light or “give a heart” to their pumpkin. This was a special time! Now the kids could understand what God’s love is for them, just like they have for their pumpkins. It’s always amazing to be witness to a child learning or accomplishing a new goal or task but to really grasp the love and care that God has for us is truly amazing! It’s always something that I cherished, not only a teacher but just a human, to see to in my kids.



1.Do you celebrate Halloween? Why or Why not?

Yes, I do but not in any weird bring the dead back to life way. I take my kids trick or treating or if I have a church ( depending where I live at the time) they sometimes have trunk or treat things for the kids with games and fun activities. That’s always fun! It’s safe. I use to love decorating my house but just for autumn for really. I did have some really “cute” decorations that I would put up but since we have moved just about every year or my things have been lost, trashed or I just can’t get to it before we move again. That does suck because fall is my favorite!


2. Do you like watching scary movies? Why or why not?

Yes and no…I can not watch things that hurt kids or kidnapping or worse. It’s just to much for me. I don’t watch your typical scary movies. I’m weird. I like crime dramas and stuff but nothing with kids… that’s too much for me! I do like watching  Ghost Adventures and other spooky stuff like that or UFO documentaries. It’s interesting to me. Hearing the different experiences people have had or the things people have had to covered up… it’s crazy and scares me but mostly it’s fascinating.  Hundreds of school kids saw a UFO, and were ignored for 50 years

3.Name 3 of your greatest fears.

I don’t even want to say them….

I’ve lost people that I love and it’s the worse. I would like that not to happen anymore….and I’ll leave it at that.

4.When was the last time you scared someone?

I scare my kids all the time when I tell them I updated the chore board.Kids Whose Parents Make Them Do Chores Are More Successful- TownandCountrymag.com

5.Do you believe in ghost, angels and or demons? 

I do absolutely believe in angels and demons 100%! I struggle in ghost being demons or being real thing because since I was a kid, in our house I could hear a voice in a whisper, singing. That was strange and unexplainable. Also late at night I would hear the sound of playing with our Legos. It was super weird. I would hear them crash down on the cement floor (my room was in the basement) and then I’d hear them clicking backing together and moving around. That next morning some Legos were laying around and others were snapped together but none of them were where how we put them.  I don’t if something evil would want to play with Legos? It never bothered me but I did hear it all the time until I finally moved out.

6.What are two of your favorite candies?

I love the Autumn Mix Candy Corns and the other one it’s so much a candy as it is a treat for me… the Hot Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks is the best but during fall it’s even better!


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DIY Candy Corn Mason Jars

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Well, that’s it for me! I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day! I hope you all will be the same!



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  1. The picture of your kids is just too cute 😃. Demons do play with Lego pieces. That’s why we always manage to step on them. They are out to get us.

    Good answers!


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