Together We Go


Together We Go

In the beginning for some, it was all just for fun.

But we knew better as we moved our life in together.

Sure there were fights and at times things got tight.

But we forgave and learned how to save.

At times we allowed people to meddle but thank God we never would settle.

Can’t say it was easy in though early years.

But it was nothing we couldn’t handle with a few cold beers.

I sure miss those simple days with you but I think you’d agree,

there’s some things we didn’t foresee.

Hey, we we’re just kids back then.

Without our mistakes think where we’d been!

It wasn’t too long before we weren’t kids anymore.

It was time for us to grow up and say ” I do”, forevermore.

How exciting and scary to be your wife!

I didn’t want to let us down, this was the start of us together break new ground.

A solid foundation we would buildup.

It would be stronger then what we knew growing up.

Only months later, I had news that’d bring us all joy!

Soon we’d be expecting a baby boy!

How happy we were, we thanked the Lord above.

It was on this day we learned a new kind of love!

Time went on and we had new roles to play.

There were times though even living together…

we were miles away.

No matter how hard I would cry or fast I would run.

My sweet hero wouldn’t ever let me be done.

You came for me over and over and time after after time.

I worried one day this mountain would be too steep to climb. 

Together we battled through and pushed on to sunnier days.

Every storm eventually would get washed away.

We’d explore and made sweet memories together.

And again I’d have news, our little boy was now a big brother!

A girl, jet black hair would Grace us all.

She was more than expected, quite a fireball! 

We loved her just the same!

Our family now complete!

But life has away of turning you on your feet!

Things were now moving fast and just as we had got on track,

our pace was gone and we were shoved back!

We still held together and we went on.

Because what people don’t understand is our amazing bond!

Good, bad, sickness or pain.

It doesn’t matter we won’t take our vows in vain.

Battles we fought together and wins were won the same!

I can’t believe all that we’ve overcame!

Homes were bought and cars were sold.

So many milestones and God in control.

Daily routines were met with goodnight kisses.

And of course the never ending search for my eyeglasses!

Then what seemed like out of the blue.

We said goodbye to everything we knew.

We pack it up and hit road!

One boy, one girl, 2 dogs all in tow!

The last few years we traveled the map!

This has been quite the recap!

Now we celebrate our anniversary day!

It’s fifth teen years with you

I can’t imagine it any other way.

My most trusted and patient confidant. 

In this whole world God blessed me with all I want.

So gentle and strong the man that God gave to me.

How can any compare to what you are to me.

Life is so unknown, so shaky at times.

It’s easy to hide but not with us side by side.

I’m thankful everyday for the years we’ve been given.

How blessed and humbled this life we’ve been liven.

So here’s to the future sweet husband of mine.

Let’s be fancy adults and tonight crack open a bottle of wine!


Don’t You Forget About Me- Music Video

SWV- Right Here- Music Video


Happy anniversary to my favorite person. Jason through it all we go it together and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I love you like a fat kid love cake… Chocolate German cake!

Love Always, Me



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