The Special Bloggers Award

The Special Blogger Award  Again…I’m such a slacker…I’m super late responding to this honor and it’s not because I’m not so tremendously grateful. Life have just gotten ahead me yet again! I am thankful and love doing these awards! With all that said lets’ get to it! I have received this special award from a blogger who has truly kept […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award Firstly, I have apologize for my late response for this honor. I have no good excuse other than being overwhelmed with life. These awards do mean so much to me and I honestly do enjoy doing them! Who doesn’t appreciate some validation for the hard-work and love they have put into on something cherish? Thank you […]

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The Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you my dear my Stu for giving meĀ The Mystery Blogger Award! I am honored that my blog is even read at all, let alone thought of for an award… so thank you! Please! Go check out Something To Stu OverĀ and be inspires and become motivated to be a better writer and person! At least that’s what his blog has […]

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