One Week

One Week Update:

The data is in-

It’s been one week that the kids and I have been here in Colorado. All I can say for sure is nothing has gone like what we all thought, especially for myself.

At first I will admit I was disappointed and probably far too overly emotionally. But now I realize that I have been getting answers to questions that I didn’t know that I needed. Things are coming together in a very weird but full circle kind away.

Future And Moving Ahead-

As much as Jason and I move I guess it’s important that I have the big picture and there’s no question this pictures in neon! I have no doubts in my mind. Nothing to wonder about- no questions and there’s no maybes for me. I get it more than ever. It is in fact one hundred thousand percent crystal clear. Painfully.

As for the kids, they have some thought and feelings too. Things aren’t how they imagine. However, my Grace is use to being on the outside and although it hurts her, she coming to an understanding too. I hate that for her but I can’t change people.

Tristan… well, he’s now a teenager so I think he handles his feelings like teenagers do. He wants to cry but he won’t. (I cry enough for the both of us!) He knows this will all be over soon and everything that’s Colorado will be gone. I’m not sure anyone else gets that but he does. He’s just trying to hold on while he can.

We’re making the best of it and that’s all we can do. However, The kids and I all feel differently about each other and home. The appreciation and realizing how much we do for each… how kind we are to each other- we’re different. We do alright.

Perspective can be a funny thing.

How you treat people matters. It changes them and the flow of energy in the spaces between.

xoxo sk

Where this journey started…   

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