Birthday Time

Happy Birthday To Me

When you get older…

Birthdays day don’t feel like they once did to me. I’m not sure if that’s because I was turning 39 or because of the many of Medications I’m on.

I kept forgetting it was coming up! I forgot it was my birthday on my birthday. All I really wanted was to see my friends and get my witch hair colored!

Which I can report back to you all that I did get my hair colored back to its “real” color! What a difference! It was awesome going to my stylist and friend that had been doing my hair forever! She’s amazing!

Not only did she fix my hair, she was just one more fix that I needed on my Colorado connect that my soul needed.

Birthday Night

I wish I would have taken more pictures! I will be better about that! I think I was just in the moment!

I had a few drinks and dinner with my two friends and my parents at the Hilton near Denver International Airport.

It was really cool that our kids swim in the pool together while we got to visit with each other. We all enjoyed it!

More To Come

On to Wray, Colorado and some very eye opening revolutions.

Things I’m beyond thankful for and things I always knew but hoped were different.

Times I had to practice my strength and boundaries with success and Grace… other times I could do better.

As alway I’m hit with lessons and realities whether I like or not! That’s life!

My next post…💕🙏🏼 #sunshine #rain

Xoxo sk

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