A Simple Choice

We have the ability to bring such joy.


We have the choice to bring such pain.

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We people can be the light in someones darkness.


We can be the monster under the bed.

We can the mean girl, the bully in the locker room.

We can be the new found friend who offers a laugh and a smile instead.


We have them.

We are not above them.

Choose wisely.

You could be saving a life and life just might be your own. 

xoxo sk

4 thoughts on “A Simple Choice

  1. Hey, just checking up on y’all after these earthquakes. Hope y’all are ok!


    1. Oh man! My head’s been swimming! We’ve had only the small aftershocks where I live but still it’s a weird and scary thing to experience for the first time! My Daughter has been a wreck. I have to sleep with her every night. We’re fine really. Other than having vertigo for 24 hours and a child who now panics even if a truck drives by… I think we’re doing alright! It’s so kind of you to check on me here! 🙏🏼💕


      1. Aww.. where I grew up, there was a nuclear plant down the road.. and when we had bad storms sometimes it would set off the warning sirens and it freaked me out horribly! So I can relate with her.

        I’m glad y’all are ok! When I heard about them, I thought, dang.. Sarah just moved out there… lol! And on top of everything else you’re going through now earthquakes? 🤦‍♂️ God bless y’all!


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