The amount of unknowns in my life are at an all time high. If I told you I wasn’t concerned… that would be a complete and utter lie.

The length of our to-do-list is beyond overwhelming. Figuring out a way to track this is completely consuming.

It’s hard to know just where to begin, when each and every task seems to never end.

This massive hole only get deeper with truly no end in sight. Lord what I’d do for a little of Your Light.

We can’t lead ourselves out of this mess. Not sure if there’s a lesson or if this is some kind of a test?

Either way I know I’ve learned a great deal. I’m stronger than I thought. I’m standing here still.

It’s scary when this life is more than just me. I have sweet Childrens eyes watching me.

I want to be strong for them and be the happy mom. Can I be the one they trust and keep them calm?

It’s no secret that we’re in some tough times. They know we’re a team and are walking a thin line.

I hate that they have seen me cry and I know they have never believed a single lie.

Don’t worry I say, it’s all going to be fine. But they know this happens every single time.

We’ve all been through a lot and we’ve made some bad decisions. If I could go back I’d be more clear in my intentions.

I’d speak up on many things that I never did. Maybe right now I wouldn’t feel like such a kid.

So suck, trapping in a box. I don’t have the answers to ever unlock.

We can’t go back and change the choices we’ve made. Maybe this is because we disobeyed?

Maybe this is all just a lack of understanding. But Lord I promise I am expanding.

Were we greedy and not thankful enough? What did we do to be treat so tough?

This season for us has been more than tough. I’m saying it now, enough is enough!

I can’t see around these corners and Im done with this. I’m just being honest, there’s so so much we miss.

Choosing a direction is like choosing a child. So right not I walk through life with this fake smile.

Yes, I’m more lost than ever. I’m sick of this God, open a door! Pull the damn lever!

God, just figured this out for us. The decisions we make I don’t trust.

Send us a lifeline. Please do it now! We’re on the wire and we’re overly tried.

I know you see the trouble we’re in. You see the emergency and we don’t know where to begin.

So I’m waiting on you to show us the way. On my knees, begging I pray.

Xoxo sk

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Hi✌🏼 I'm SKellyLou. I have a love for sharing my thoughts and feeling through writing. Sometimes it's journaling other times it's through poetry. I love creating content and making YouTube Video that I find fun and fresh. It all new to me and I'm learning as I go! I document my families travels and all we get to explore and experience! I hope you will have a laugh and hang with me!