All You Want

All You Want

 I’m not as strong as you needed me to be.

I’m not all you want and I wish I was.

Life has given me many visible scars

and you have been there for most all of them.

You know physical pain doesn’t bother me,

it’s the scars that you can’t see that make me the weak.

The ones that hurt the most, they stay the longest and I feel them the deepest.

I’m sorry you’ve had to carry that burden with me.

It wasn’t what you wanted. I’m not all you want.

 I’ve been so weak and for that I’m so sorry because all I want is to be

all you want.

I’m known I’m not like other girls.

More desirable girls, powerful girls, stronger girls or happier girls?

Maybe someone pettier, someone who is the life of the party… someone not me?

You know I have my baggage, my issues and all my quirks.

 I may not fit all you want.

Who would want to deal with such a messy girl like me?

I’m not for everyone and maybe not for you but all I want is to be all you want.

Once I was the person you told all your secrets too.

We once laughed till it hurt and passion came easy.

Remember how others envy us?

We are all each other have yet we don’t care for each other like we’re all we have.

Isn’t that interesting?

 Here I am desperately wanting nothing more than to be all you want…

I’m praying to God that YOU can be All that I NEED.


xoxo sk

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Hi✌🏼 I'm SKellyLou. I have a love for sharing my thoughts and feeling through writing. Sometimes it's journaling other times it's through poetry. I love creating content and making YouTube Video that I find fun and fresh. It all new to me and I'm learning as I go! I document my families travels and all we get to explore and experience! I hope you will have a laugh and hang with me!

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