Telling Dreams

Backseat Driver

I have been having some heavy dreams lately. Every morning I’ll look up my telling dreams and see what’s going on in my subconscious mind.

The last few nights have been this:

I’m in my truck that Jason has been making plans to get rid of. I’m trying to drive it a lot out of fear that he’ll take it away. I’m somehow driving it from the backseat and I cannot see well through the windshield or reach the pedals. I can’t hit the breaks or the gas very well. I felt scared I was go to hit something or someone the whole time.

I have this dream almost every night but last night was a bit different.

I was sitting with all the animals I’ve ever had in my life. I was in a weird field and my childhood pets and farm animals from grandparents home were all there. I was happy but I saw one of the dog had a sore leg so I put him in my truck.

Again I was driving from the backseat…now the dog was gone and I’m trying not to hit anything again but there’s a terrible car accident in front of me. I cannot do anything about it because I can’t reach the pedals and I hit many things! I don’t even know all that I hit. I somehow park and a “crime Processor person” gives me a paper to put in the truck and says “trucks gone now”.

I start panicking because I’ve never been in an accident before but I look over and my Mom is sitting in the passengers seat and tells me to write down my info and insurance. She calls my insurance company for me. I go to a different home where lots of people are, including Jason after this.

Jason, doesn’t notice that I’m late but I tell him why and he doesn’t believe me until I start to cry. He is so happy about this because the truck is gone!

Now I’m a BBQ sitting alone watching everyone visiting and my MIL is there with rolls of cash 💰 she’s passing out tons and tons of money! She hands my daughter a large tray of rolled up cash.

I decided to get up and look for that field I was in because for some reason I think its close by. I’m walking forever and it gets dark. I hear something following me. It looks like a wolf or a coyote and it had killed all my animals that I was looking for. I feel totally helpless and start screaming.

I finally wake up as I’m start running towards the animal who kills my animals.

I’ve looked some of this up and I’m not sure still what it means. Obviously I’m not feeling in control of my life but that’s about all I could gather at this point. I’ll keep looking and I think I’m need to get myself a dream catcher!

Xoxo sk

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