First Day On The JOB

Okay, I woke up not happy about this but I’m doing it, my first day. A new job, going back to work! It scares me because I don’t want to be overwhelmed with everyone’s life all alone again. I’ve been in this place before but not like this… not this alone.

I’m on my way to my new place of employment, already needing to ask for time off because I have NO help. I don’t like being in situations but I’m doing it because I was asked too and I have to. I love my family and California is a bitch!

But instead of being mad or frustrated at the lack of help, understanding or problem solving… I’m going to throw all those feelings away. I’m going to smile, be happy I was hired and enjoy the sunshine ☀️ I think I’ll do my very best to go with the flow.

Part 1

My morning went really well and I have to say that I highly enjoyed talking to people that didn’t suck!

I have a couple jobs in my history and one thing you always have is ego. Someone always wants you to know what College they went to (my higher education is just so above yours) or how many years of experience they have (I have 150 years in secondary education with a masters degree in BS). There is usually always someone who will let you know that you’re a newbie and put you in your place. Add working with a bunch of women and that can be the worst! Why this alway has to happen, I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Usually the first day I know my place.

I was so comfortable and good with this great group of ladies today. I know this job is temporary as we will be moving again before along but what a breath of fresh air! It’s so nice to have women to be welcoming and friendly but more than that… just real. Not fake. I’m so over fake.

Part 2

The end of my day was really great. I had some great “getting to know” each other conversations and before I knew it I was there past the time I needed to go! They were all so sweet knowing that I’m in a place without friends and they said “well, no worries you have like 12 friends now!”

The last place I was at in Parker Colorado was awesome and I cannot say a bad word about them but of course most all places still someone making sure I know they were “better”… it’s just how it goes but it was nothing like the School 🏫 I worked at in Aurora Colorado. That was the meanest place I ever worked and it was a Christian School believe it or not. Crazy! Very Clicky and if you weren’t in the group… well that was a not a good thing! Let’s just say I wasn’t in the group… I kiss no ones ass. 😏🤭


I feel like I started out this day more worried about how it was really going to workout for my family and I still have some concerns. However, I do feel so much better. I’m happier now that I know the group that I’m working with some normal.

Normal people are awesome 😎

Some last thoughts 💭

I thought I would share a video of how mad my pup, Ella was at me that I was leaving me this morning. She was not happy. She knew things were different and she was right.

She was so happy to see me when I got home ❤️ she peed all over my shoes! And now we’re exhausted 😴 together watching a movie 🍿

It ended up being a good day after all. Do I still have no help?…yes! Am I mostly alone? Yes! But it’s still not Aurora, it could be worse. I’ll be okay. We’ll be alright. I have to remember this all temporary.

Xoxo sk

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    1. California is different for sure but I’m doing what I can to make the most of it. It’s all temporary!

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