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Simi Valley Round UP

 Music has a way to help you heal, escape or take you back… It’s a medicine in a way for the soul and it’s sure done it’s part for me in my life.

I love all different types of music. I respect the art, the hard work, the talent and bravery of putting all your heart and soul into something you love so much and sharing it with the world: taking a chance on others opinions of your craft.  It’s awesome to me the journey of it all. I feel the same way about novels. So much time and effort goes in to what we get to enjoy…it’s awesome!



It’s Been Along Time


I’m weird with concerts because I want to hear the music and not be touched by other people. I mean, I like people but not in my personal space and not spilling their beer on me or in my purse.

 The type of crowd is important to me because I’m weird with environments and other peoples energy… I know I’m such a nerd.

The Round Up is awesome because it’s great for just about all ages! This was my kids first “real” concert and they had such an amazing time! The music, the crowd, the venders, the food…it all was good! The weather was perfect! It was 80 degrees and nothing but perfect sunshine!

The Line Up




Friends In A New Place

Grace and I love Runaway June and had fun singing along! Here is their site for more info on them:  

Also did you know that one of Runaway June’s members Grandfather is actually John Wayne? That’s awesome! Talk about real Cowyboy-Country Cred! 

Of course the top favorites were, Eli Young Band and Justin Honsinger. These were new Music Bands to my kids and it’s been really awesome seeing my son discover new music. He and my daughter are both learning to play the guitar right now so this whole experience just encouraged them even more!

Eli Young Band is nothing new to me, I have LOVED them for a while! (check out the videos) Crazy Girl and Even If It Breaks Your Heart, Dust, Skin and Bones (Skin and Bones was written for the Lead Singer’s wife because he was “in the dog house” but the song didn’t help) and now Love Aren’t and Saltwater Gospel…so good! Here is the site for these bands:!/

Those are just a few favorites that have been on repeat now in my truck! Hope you all might enjoy them too!

We were invited by a friend, Jason’s met through work. It’s hard making friends and getting to know people when you move around this much! These people are so nice and sweet for inviting us and they are great with my kids too! I’m really grateful when people take time like this to include us and help us navigate a new place. I hope we can do more with them soon!

Here are just a few pictures of the sunset on the way home. I have to say the California sunset never disappoints. We are blessed with beautiful sunrises and sunsets everyday here,

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Also check out my other blog post about when we first got to California and the struggling looking for a house.

Until next time!

xoxo sk

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