Preparing For Our First Visitors In California

Our First Visitors And First Friends

This is so exciting! Our first friends will be our first visitors here in California! This is our weekend preparing for our friends to visit!

When we moved to Minnesota we knew not a single soul! The day we meet The Anderson Family was life changing for our family. I finally didn’t feel totally alone, the kids had neighborhood friends and Jason could be… well… Jason with other people. They were our first and very best friends in Minnesota and they became family to us.

Soon Our Minnesota peeps will be escaping their below negative temperatures and enjoying our sandy beaches and sunny weather…and our traffic…can’t forget that!

Here are just a few pictures/videos that I took as we explored Oxnard, CA and the channel Islands to look at some Airbnbs.

I did enjoy the relaxing sounds of the ocean. I hope you do too!

Here are some picture from our weekend adventure preparing for friends and enjoying the beach.

Here are a few videos I took of us on the Beach and from our drive as we prepare for friends to visit. Enjoy!


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This was back when we we making our drive from Minnesota all the way to the Golden State of California!

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