Writing ✍️ Drought

Here I go again…

I’ve been working on a blog call 2018 Review but at this rate by the time I publish it’ll be 2019 review!

One thing making this difficult, is my WordPress dashboard changed on me and I don’t know how to work it now… thanks a lot for that!

My photos won’t download and to top it off my whole blog has vanished twice! Why isn’t it saving?!?! What a headache!

I just want y’all to know I’m still here. Struggling away…trying to get in the zone!

Hopefully I will figure out my blog life soon and get something worth reading posted!

Thank you for your loyalty and hanging in there with me… this life!

Xoxo 💋 sk


11 thoughts on “Writing ✍️ Drought

  1. Sounds like me with my poetry and quotes… write, read, post, reread, dislike, delete, rewrite, reread, post again, still wonder if it’s good enough.

    1. Totally! I have so many half written things… I read it… hate it and after awhile I give up on that one and start writing something else…it’s a terrible cycle! But good luck to you! If you manage to get out of your funk please let me know what you did because I need some help big time!

      1. I can’t just write. I have to feel something. Especially with poetry and quotes. So, I binge read things on Pinterest and folks blogs. There’s some influential stuff in the blog community. Like reading your posts about just going out to a Huddle House alone and just observing. That’s totally something I’d do and for some reason resonates more than words, but feelings. These kind of things kick start my flow.

      2. You’re right! It’s a feeling! I do the same thing with reading a ton but my spark ⚡️ is missing right now.

    1. I had one Yoast update but that’s it. My dashboard looks totally different. I’m sure that I’ll figure it out eventually but I’m not tech savvy at all so it’s like I’m starting from scratch… almost 😬😋

  2. The recent update was pushed, so it just happened. One option is to find and select – classic editor, because some updates went to the Gutenberg Editor, and you can return to the original by selecting classic. If that’s not your problem, it still might help reboot the dashboard.

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