Fight For It ♥️

Fight for freedom

I hate the comfort of my bed.

A place for my mind to not care and hide away there.


The love hate I have for these pillows. Oh, the warmth of my blankets. I’ve found comfort in their lies. It’s over now, I’ve broken our ties.

You’ve hid me away from this world as my uncontrolled emotions swirl. Sick and broken for so long but not strong and determined I stand!

The numbness that I once craved, no more am I a slave.

Welcomed back, my eagerness for to be alive! I have this whole new drive inside my soul! My eyes now opened wide!

Still I fight the temptation to stay and lay in hiding with that bed as if everyday was night.

All the lies that you told as you would hold me tight. Then… soon there was not a single source of light.

Alone in the dark I would fall apart and there is where the end would start.

No! Get up and run! Go, move towards the sun! Fight for it! Do not submit!

For this cloud of depression I have seen before. Only I have the power, I can restore. To retreat to you is a choice for me no more.

No more, will I let you steal my time! This is not the life I will designed.

You continue to try and smother me completely. You will never stop whispering your lies to me sweetly.

Boundaries are set, limitations in place. Help me my God, leave me with some Grace!

Only rest will you give, for my brain and body. To reset and restart. To feel the beat in my heart!

Each day that I wake, not a moment more will you take.

Then when night comes again, let our meeting be but brief. My precious time, you will not be a thief.

By morning sun raise, we will part ways and say our goodbyes.

I will not come to you with my tears, my fears or my pain. My sadness is all but gone now, I don’t need you in this way.

Let our time be short and peaceful. The stars and moon I will share with you. My dreams you always knew.

But the sun and I will be together. My writing, my books, my friends and I will gather!

Oh, there’s been days that I want to keep my eye closed and stay. Those days, I could lay with you all day.

I believed that I was safer here with you than out there. But my lungs craved fresh air!

It’s been a fight to leave what I have known. It’s a battle to hold on to this person I’ve grown!

The reality and my perceptions are all confused. The truths of my life are being used and abused.

Stop wasting it and start facing it!

From this moment and on forever…I fight to leave you and I have won. Now we are done.

Good day and good night to you my old friend.

My fight for freedom had come to end.

xoxo sk


4 thoughts on “Fight For It ♥️

    1. It’s already better because I have escaped being locked inside my head!
      California is a lot of things but being here has helped to free me from so many of my anxieties!

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