Mind Control

It’s been a battle for me all my life to stay in control of my mind and not allow it to take over my body. For the most part, I know what path I should take to stay healthy and emotional sound but so many times I allow my mind to over power my body.

Next thing you know I’m deep, lost in depression. Then, I don’t see my path or purpose any longer. When I allow my mind to takeover, so many things start to go wrong and it’s not easy to get out of that dark space.

So what can I do to save myself and be the one in control of my mind?


Save Yourself and Be Brave

Who am I kidding? I have no real answers for you on how to get yourself in shape and in a positive mind-space for the rest of your days. I don’t know. But I have a few things that I wanted to share that are happening to me right now, that are helping me.

  1. My Dad, being a leader. His positivity and leadership in his own life is setting a standard for me in mine. Simple.
  2. Good stuff in my ear. It’s important to laugh, be motivated and know Gods word. I’ve started to listen to a few different podcast in this area, along with doing Bible studies and it’s helped me!
  3. Read more. I don’t care if it’s articles, blogs, my devotionals, or a few chapters of a novel. I try my best to read something everyday. This gives me a sense of gratification, knowing I’m doing something for my brain.
  4. Get outside. This is 100% easier to do now that I live in SoCal! Taking a walk or just playing out back with the dogs in the awesome sun is great for me! The sun helps my mood and in general makes me feel happier.
  5. Working out. I am new at this, it’s been a few years. I use to be great at being in the gym and taking care of myself. Working out early has been great for my self-esteem and over health. Now, I have to be very conscious of my time and get in the gym before my time is stolen (See #6) from me.
  6. Owning my own time. I am a Mom and wife and over time somehow I have lost totally control of my time. So I have to be careful managing my time in away that no distractions keep me from my goals but I can still be there for my family in the ways that they need me to be.
  7. Write. I love to write! This has forever been an outlet for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s just journaling, my blog or working on my book. Doing something that takes me away from the world is healthy for my mental state.
  8. Staying connected in my relationships. I send out a mass text everyday (mostly) to a group of people who I consider “my support team”. I am better overall when I have sound relationships and connections with my friends and family. It’s important to text, email, write a letter and call. We all need to know we’re not alone.
  9. Having a place of “peace”. This place at one time was my back yard, when I lived in Colorado. I didn’t have a place when I lived in Minnesota so I sought out my peaceful moments in my music, writing and in my friends. But I needed a place in my home and I didn’t have that. Now in California and settling in to our new home, I will make sure I have a place that is mine. I’m already settling in nicely in this new home. Maybe one day, I’ll think of it as my home. (Secretly, I just wanna go back to Colorado…any-who…)
  10. Lastly, Praying at all times. Waking up, I pray for guidance and protection throughout the day. Then, I pray throughout the day about everything under the sun and for everyone that I know and don’t know. The praying doesn’t stop. When my head hits the pillow I’m asking for forgiveness and saying thank you!

These things are what I am trying to do now. They maybe not be great for anyone else.

Take Care and Pause

I’ve been pretty good at being sad and scared of everything in my life. Worrying about every decision that I might make possible being a bad one and this anxiety shooting up to a ten! I can be terrible at abusive the pause.

Pausing to me, is meant as a way to regroup and gather yourself before making a move. See, I tend to forget than second part “making a move”. I pack up and live in the pause.

Taking time to care for myself, resting my body and clearing my mind for a time, I’ve done a million times before. The phase of eat right and put healthy foods in my body and get some extra sleep and maybe even a massage, I’m no stranger too.

I think somewhere I lost the real meaning of taking a PAUSE.

The Pause is a beautiful thing and for me a much-needed thing at times. The trick to the pause for me is this…

  1. Make it short and simple, sweetie! Take a short amount of time for myself to gather my thoughts, refocus, make a plan and get back to work. That’s it.
  2. Don’t you dare judge. When issues arise in life with others keep opinions to yourself. The fact is you never real know how you would treat a situation until your living in it. So just pause and shut up. Be support and be quite.
  3. When in doubt be quite and journal. When you have a ton of you mind and so much you want to say or you just are need to make a decision, write it out first. Give it some time and reread it with fresh eye, if you still feel that way then post it, say it or make the choice…you paused.



Recently I’ve joined a fitness center and got myself a gym membership. I’ve gone everyday so far! Right now, I’m feeling very uncomfortable to say the least, like everyone staring at me.

I wake up at 4:30am, before anyone can distract me from going. I have start prepping my food and just doing better on focusing on MY welling-being for a change.

These are just the first steps for me but there will be more to come. I am not in denial here, I know I have a long road ahead of me but we all gotta start somewhere!

xoxo sk




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      1. Ya know, it’s a bit my life, with totally fiction. It’s about a girl and the struggle of her childhood and how she escapes into another world. What she finds out is that her hidden world is very real.

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