As I look through these old pictures, I see just how different the paths are that we all took.

Though days we thought would last forever, have end and so much sooner than I wished. It’s though happy times that I want to hold on to.

Before it got mean and bitter. I don’t want to think about what made us all leave each other.

The smiles have all faded.

We’re only together in photographs now. Only joined by memories and now heartache.

How sweet it would be if I could bring these pictures back to life with a single tear for just a moment and tell you how sorry I am.

I wish things would have been different you.

But all I can do is replay our many conversations, all the cards games. The pool games and mountain trips…everything back in my head.

The arguments and then coming back together and laughing it off. Cheers to being back together again.

The jokes, the witty banter back and forth.

That is all gone now. The smiles in these photos are all we have left.

And this is what I will remember… your smile, the laugher, the joy.

That was real.


xoxo sk

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