Home Sweet Temporary House

Everyone Is Content ❤️

We are finally settled in apartment! It’s beautiful! I drink my coffee as the early morning fog settles around the Santa Monica hills, the pups are at home in my bed as usual. The kids love all the places to walk to and the pool! This Place is nicer than any house I’ve ever lived in! We enjoy the pool and the sunshine together but more important than that is we went to church this morning! Praise God! Only moved in on Friday and went church on Sunday!

Making A New Home

It has only been a few days here and I feel at home. This sunshine helps my depression 100 % and my body pain is at a zero! The only anxiety I ha e felt at all was driving from LAX back to our house! I know I will have some ups and downs because that’s life and I’m only human. I love this community we are in right now, the school, our church we went to today… I was moved to tears! I know with guidance from God, we will be fine. I just need to be quite long enough to hear Him!

Xoxo 💋 sk

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  1. Looks great! 💕

  2. Love the photos. Cute kids!

  3. A small stability! Coming along!

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