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Life Is An Adventure

It would have it, that our Temp House lease won’t be starting till Friday, not Thursday as we had planned on. We decided to take this extra day to not rush, to not be overly stressed, exhausted and take a day to spend at the beach. The beach in our new home, California. It still feels weird saying that!

Now we will not live right here in Oxnard on the beach most likely but it’s still unbelievable to think that we will LIVE only 30 minutes from this beautiful place! It’s hard to believe we will see sunshine and Palm trees everyday!

It hasn’t fully set in that this place is our home… we will live here, work here… go to school here, have a life here! WOW!

Now we have already experienced some really strange things that would only happen in California. Like the paper straws! My kids were like in the heck is this! Then there’s the motorcycles and line-sharing, that will make your heart jump! We also had to driving through the California inspection facility… mmm… really California! I mean you’re so worried about plants and insects but not the crazy types of people roaming your streets?? I have already seen a few that scared the hell out me! Let’s not go there…

We did get to try an In and Out burger… I guess it was good. It cool I can say I’ve been there now. What has been way better was watching my kids on the beach, in the ocean, playing and all of us for a moment taking this all in! The air, the sun, the fact that we are ALL together! This is truly awesome!

Tomorrow we will be in our temporary housing, which last for up to two months. This mean I have to find a house ASAP!

Thank you for coming along with my family! It’s not over yet!

The last hours to SoCal

I’m so grateful!

More to come!

Xoxo sk

10 thoughts on “Surprise Detour

  1. Paper straws? What’s that about?
    And is the first three photos of a solar farm or solar plant? (Personally, when I saw it, I immediately thought of the movie ‘Sahara’.)

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      1. I guess a kids wrote a report the side plastic straws were causing major issues because you can’t recycle ♻️ them and (almost) everyone here flip out and jumped on the bandwagon to only to paper straws and no straw at all. Also if you wants anything bagged for you at a market or any store that will cost you an extra 10 cent! I bought a ton of reusable bags!

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