California Bound P.2

The Beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains

We were blessed enough to see the beautiful fall colors of the Rocky Mountains! There was so much to take pictures of, the beauty was overwhelming.

We went through Idaho Springs, all the way to The town of Dillion into Grand Junction, Colorado. The views we absolutely stunning! The air was crisp and fresh! It was the perfect day to enjoy after coming off such high emotions!

I hope you’ll enjoy a mixed of pictures and a short video!

Enjoy this short video…

I have been… mmm, I guess a bit overly emotional the last few days. (side note: I’ve reminded myself that I’m damn tough and that I’m totally fine, so no worries!) The last month has been a tremendous amount of information (comes with relocation and dealing with relocation companies) that I’ve had to keep sorted in my fragile mind. The last 2 weeks I’ve been alone to handle it all. I’ve had to coordinate everything and haven’t had time to deal with the reality of actually leaving. I haven’t have time to comprehend what this move is for me and the kids… a new start again. A place I’ve never been and don’t know how to get around. It’s figuring out life our me and my family again.

I know not all brand new starts are a bad thing and I am actually What I’m saying is, that I just haven’t had time to really process the emotional part of this move. I think that’s why I’ve been so overly emotional heading towards California. I’ve been a straight up baby.

I know how very blessed I am to have had wonderful neighbors to help me the last two weeks in preparing for this so I guess that I wasn’t truly alone. And I know I am blessed that I have had plenty of people to say, “see ya later” too! My tears were because I have people that I love… this is a huge blessing.

Now we make the long drive to Los Vegas! Wish us of LUCK!

Xoxo sk

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