The Next Chapter P.2

We’re Almost There

Y’all know I cannot survive without my coffee ☕️ We were up early this morning, after staying our first night in the hotel. We met the moving crew back at the house with donuts. Today this house will be completely emptied!

Would it be wrong if I said that I’m kind of over all of this? There’s part of me that’s trying to savor every moment. Then there’s another part of me that just wants to get this over with! I haven’t seen Jason in forever…weeks! It’s messing with my mental state! God bless you, to military wives and husbands out there! I seriously salute you! This time part is hard! I’m used to being apart from him for long periods of time but this is too long!

My headache 🤕 just won’t go away! I had my essential oil diffuser going nonstop all night! I’m covered in oils and have taken so much Advil… I’m sure I’ve taken more than the recommended amount! Go away headache!! Those who have followed this blog for awhile may remember that I take a type of seizure medication for my migraines. My migraines can get out of control and can cause seizure-like symptoms to my brain and the rest of my body. This always sends me into panic when these headaches last too long! Obviously, stressing about a headache doesn’t help me to not have a dang headache!

To make matter more interesting, our moving crew was supposed to have 4 people and a truck driver! That did NOT happen. We have a truck driver and one mover. Okay… so not what I was hoping for but also not what they (the crew) were hoping for either!

Today will in fact be along ass day now for everyone involved! Here’s to roll’in with the punches and goin’ with the flow. Not my plan but HIS. Not my Will but HIS. Faith.

On a positive note… ❤️🙏🏼 it felt really good handing each of these guys $100, for their incredibly hard work today! It wasn’t what we expected but I’m still forever grateful!

Xoxo 💋 sk

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