Trust My Purpose

Only God Knows…

Hello y’all! It’s one more day closer to hitting the road. One day closer to closing this chapter and opening another. One day closer to saying goodbye here and saying hello to a new beginning. Am I totally prepared for this? No. But I have to trust that God would not have put me in this place if He hadn’t already prepared the way for me.

I am working on my trust right now. I’m working on letting worldly things go, giving it to God and actually leaving it with Him. I would say that most people are guilty of giving their worried or burdens to God but partially or maybe in some cases completely taking them back…. I know I am! Honestly, this makes absolutely no sense. How could I, in my simple human mind ever be able to figure this stuff out? I have such a limited view! Why wouldn’t I want to give the creator of the universe my worries? It only makes sense right!

I’m actually doing a Bible study (Bible app) right now to help me practice these things. I’m also reading (listening) to a book on audible to help me be a better listener. So that when I pray, I also will take time to listen, to let God actually speak to me. It’s not all about giving Him a laundry list of my needs, my wants and worries, because truly, He knows! Of course we should always come to God and speak to Him as an old dear friend, our Father…. we also need to just be still and listen. And these are the things that I am working on.

I honestly cannot think of a better thing for my soul right now, during this huge transformation and transition and our life, to give me spiritual peace and guidance.

This has also given me such an amazing excitement to get back into writing and connecting with all of you again! I cannot even express completely how Excited 😊 I am every morning just to get on here and connect with all of you! I truly know where I belong!!

I hope you all have an incredible Tuesday!!!

Xoxo sk

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