This is it! This is my last week living in the Fargo/Morehead area. This is it….Why I seem to be having more of a problem leaving this place than I did leaving Colorado, I’m not really sure? I lived in Colorado for 37 years! Almost all my family lives in Colorado! But it was this small town that changed me more than I ever knew was possible! And definitely more than I knew I needed! I am so thankful for the growth that I have made here. Even though there has been so many struggles, I can say that I really like who I am right now.

So last night I did more than pray… I begged God. I begged Him to speak to me. A lot of times I do most the talking… maybe too much! I thought maybe it’s time that I just shut up and do some listening. My prayer was short and sweet. I just begged him to please talk to me in my dreams, to ease my fears. I ask Him to take my worries, to reassure me that He is here, to fill the atmosphere with His presence. I don’t want to feel alone anymore. I need His protection. I need His guidance. I need to feel safe and secure again. I need the things that only my Father can give.

I will tell you that last night was the deepest sleep that I have had in weeks…maybe months. I was visited by my cousin in my dream. She only comes to me in times of need.

The Dream

In my dream my cousin appeared to me and she fed me a salad and some other vegetables and fruit. She was giving me healthy food and trying to take care of me. She even tucked me into bed with lots of blankets. It was strange because we were in her old house and her old bed. She told me I need to take care of my body. The only thing she really said to me was “this is all you need”.

So this morning I woke up I felt better, tired but better. Got my coffee, started my first in a very long time, Bible study on the Bible App and then started to write to you all.

This is going to be a crazy and emotional week! I do feel better knowing that I’ve already started this week off better than I have started anything in months because I started with God.

The Plan

Get these kids some breakfast 🥞 since I’ve cleaned the fridge and cabinets, we literally have no food.

Call the last minute utility places and phone company, let them know we are out of here.

Do last minute cleaning- last-minute laundry

Finish up packing

Finish labeling everything- storage, don’t pack and fragile!

Go to the pharmacy and pick up a last-minute prescriptions

Go over plans for tomorrow!

I got this!

Xoxo sk

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  1. You are a very strong woman and I know that you’ve got this again. I will continue to pray for your strength and guidance. I live you Sarah♡
    I’m here for you!!!! Xoxo

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