Change Is’a Coming…

Hey Now! California Bound!

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So many different thoughts and emotions as we get closer and closer to moving day. I’m overwhelmed with excitement and nerves. I think about how much I’ve grown and the person I am now compared to who I was before I moved here. So much is about to be different for all of us.

It’s good…It’s scary but I know it’s God’s plan for us and that’s enough for me. I am so so thankful for my time here in Minnesota. It was brief but it changed me for the better and I am so grateful. I went through a major depression because I realized a considerable amount of things in my life that were wrong, faults in myself or things that were just plain holding me back from my truth…it was not am enjoyable time! Still I would never take that time back ever! I most definitely have GROWN through it!

Now for the next chapter of our life…the Golden State, California! I can’t wait to see what is ahead for the Kelly’s. I will keep a positive attitude and have faith. It’s all in God’s very capable hands!


(sorry…I had so much trouble with my site and my no make up face…so I recorded however I could! I have so much to work on.)  Love y’all  xoxo sk



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      1. Congratulations on your move! That’s exciting!!!!
        People who watch your vlogs may have to switch their browser to Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
        They probably take a flash player to play, so Mac users may have an issue watching. xxx

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