California Dreamin’

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Our family is moving from the harsh winters of Minnesota to the sandy beaches of California. It been a whirlwind for sure but then again it is every time!

I am so thanks we will have packers and movers here to help make this move smoother for us! However I leaned so much the last time around, so I know I still need to be preparing for the packer and the movers to get here.

I can’t be in two-week my family and I will be in a different time zone! Holy heat wave! I’ll take it! I mean, I will miss my friends so much but hey, now they have an awesome place to Vacation, right!

I will being blogging and vlogging more once we hit the road and I get some hotel time…trust me y’all I’ll be venting my heart out, I’m of it sure!

Okay, everyone back to work for me! My list is insane!

xoxo sk



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    1. I wouldnโ€™t say we โ€œdecidedโ€ to. More like my husband company told us to… but Iโ€™m excited to explore a new place and not freeze in Minnesota this winter!!

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