California Dreamin’

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Our family is moving from the harsh winters of Minnesota to the sandy beaches of California. It been a whirlwind for sure but then again it is every time!

I am so thanks we will have packers and movers here to help make this move smoother for us! However I leaned so much the last time around, so I know I still need to be preparing for the packer and the movers to get here.

I can’t be in two-week my family and I will be in a different time zone! Holy heat wave! I’ll take it! I mean, I will miss my friends so much but hey, now they have an awesome place to Vacation, right!

I will being blogging and vlogging more once we hit the road and I get some hotel time…trust me y’all I’ll be venting my heart out, I’m of it sure!

Okay, everyone back to work for me! My list is insane!

xoxo sk


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  1. My husband is from northern MN. Now we live in Southern CA. Welcome! 🙂

  2. BTW, I have just nominated you for the “Awesome Impact Award”

  3. Such a big task, all the best for the big week.

  4. So you have decided to move to California? Cool! Hope it all goes smoothly.

  5. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to stay in Minnesota?? 😆

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