My Favs

In a time where we read so many dislikes and pet peeves… which I have plenty of, I thought maybe I should share 20 of my favs. As most of you, that read my blog already know, I’m in bed a lot right now, in pain and awaiting my surgery in another week. This has left me feeling depressed and at time’s kind of negative! So to cheer myself up and remind myself how blessed I truly  am, here are 20 of my top favs at the moment!

  1. My husband. He’s just the best! He is doing his job, my job and taking the best care of me! I am so very blessed!
  2. My Ella Bella Head. She’s a pug/Silky Terrier mix and my pet-soul mate! I’d feel so alone if she wasn’t with me to cuddle with and to lick away my tears. She’s not just a dog…she my baby Polar bear!
  3. My sweet Dozy. He’s a pit/shepherd mix. He is my protector and amazing at keeping my feet warm!
  4. My son. Tristan’s almost 13 this month! ( I can’t believe I’m going to have a teenager!) So you know taking care of his mom, is probably not the most fun thing to do but he does it anyway. “Mom, do you need water”? Mom, let me heat up your heating pad”.  “Mom, can I make you some more coffee”? “How about something to eat”? When Tristan sees that I’m in really bad pain and tells me he needs to let his Dad know. I tell no, I’m fine. He goes and tells Dad anyways…smart boy. I love that he will just lay with me just so I’m not alone. I lucked out in the kids department for sure! IMG_2478
  5. My daughter. Now Gigi is a wild one, so to have her be so gentle and hold my face in her small hands and say “just close your eyes, it’ll over soon”. “Just relax and sleep”. I say this to her all the time when she’s not well. This is just the sweetest and it melts my heart.
  6. My down blanket wrapped in crisp clean cotton! I feel so comfort in MY bed, like sleeping on a cloud. My clean, soft, cotton, warm bed. After I got home from the ER and their hard cold plastic bed, I thought damn this bed is amazing! I love you, bed even more! I can recovery here! I wrap myself up like a burritos nice and sung. Seriously, down blankets are the way to go!
  7. My Meg. For you who follow me, you know this is my Mother in law and that I hate saying Mother in law…I feel like it’s a dirty word. So I call her My Meg. She will be coming out to “be me” during my surgery and help take care of me and the kids. I am so blessed to have her.IMG_3106
  8. My husbands work. This is a hard thing to have a job that you have to travel for and now you’re stuck at home. They have been very understanding and for that I am so thankful.
  9. Coffee, HONEY! I would just give up and die without it! I still get to drink this sweet, dark cup of magic goodness, every morning and basically all day! Thank the Lordt because it makes me feel like life isn’t so bad. Seriously, this is my drug!
  10. Makeup tutorials! Ya’ll know I’m trapped in bed, right! I love these videos and the positive, happy energy in them…which I so need right now! I have started following a few different people (as I am new to makeup) and I am obsessed. Manny Mua, James Charles, Nikita Dragun and as always Laura Lee and my all time fav ever Jaclyn Hill…LOVE! This is my guilty pleasure…don’t judge me!
  11. My Essential Oils. To be very specific…Lavender, Peppermint and the blend, Deep Blue.  These oils have helped so much with my pain and my anxiety. feel free to check my site out.
  12. Rain Storms. I’ve been laying here just freaking miserably…miserably but something about the thunder and the sound of the rain hitting my window brought me comfort. It’s like a sweet lullaby rocking me to sleep. We had a pretty decent rain storm here in MN that lasted just over 24 hours. It was maybe the best day I’ve had so far this week.
  13. Showers and brushing my teeth! I start feeling really gross, really fast just laying here. Having a hot shower and brushing my teeth making me feel renewed, even just for a moment. I feel like I can still do this one thing on my own and I’m normal for a moment.
  14. Violet eye liner. I haven’t done my makeup in a week! I feel wrecked. But today I felt somewhat okay. My husband got me a deep purple-ish eyeliner. I didn’t want to put much make up on because…well, I’m in bed…but I did put on my new eyeliner and it’s amazing how it made me feel more awake today! So sassy girl! I think this might be my new fav for a while!
  15. Double Stuffed Oreos. This really should be everyone favorite thing, I don’t have a huge appetite but Oreos with coffee is a gift from Heaven!
  16. Melatonin. Sleep is almost nonexistent for me anymore. Between this nagging pain, my husband snoring and just not getting comfortable, a few drop of Melatonin works like a charm!
  17. Saltine Crackers. I’m not sure why I like them so much right now but they seem to be the only thing I can eat and I don’t feel sick after.
  18. ICE Drinks. If you don’t know what an ICE Drink is then you need to get with it! No sugar, No calories, just pure deliciousness! I love them! Whenever I need a something different ( I don’t drink soda) this hit the spot!
  19. Audible. I have “read” several books in no time through this awesome app. I read mostly inspiring books, self-care/self-help type books. This a great for me because I take notes as it goes and then can go back if need be. I just finished Girl, Wash Your Face, By Rachel Hollis. It was good but I’m still a Gabrielle Bernstein fan…a little more…anywho…
  20. Having sometime to reflect and reevaluate on my relationships and goals. This is important to do every once in a while. But I am really wonder will I feel different after surgery. Will I miss my Mom? Will I be grateful or regretful? I know I’m overly emotional right now…damn you hormones…DAMN YOU! Either way I am thankful for time to reflect and be still with God and my thoughts. Being still is good.

    So I hope you enjoy my 20 fav at the moment…

xoxo sk

19 thoughts on “My Favs

  1. I know what you mean about rain lulling you to sleep. It does the same for me when it happens at night. Hope the surgery goes well!

  2. I like your faves, so many good points, I especially like your reflection on the phrase mother-in-law, it seems the phrase have become toxic – you only have to say it and it evokes a negative response for many.

    1. Right! Even when I think some day I’ll be a MIL it sounds like I’ll some day be an evil tyrant… I would rather say some day I’ll get another son or daughter to love 💕

  3. May God give you courage, strength and peace. May he guide your surgeon’s hand and send his angels to watch over you. I’ll be praying for a quick recovery for you. It sounds as though you’re in very good hands

  4. Nice! What a great way to stay positive while you are stuck in bed. I hope these days go by quickly for you 💕

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