Goat Face




You know those goats that scream? It’s pretty hilarious, right? But what if that was the sound you heard coming out of your husband face while he slept? Now add a freight train about to hit a screaming goat? That would be the painful sounds that I hear. I mean to be honest, it’s not constant throughout the night. He likes to surprise to me, when I’m just about in my deep sleep…que screaming goat! Holy crap, I’m awaken with a jolt! If any of you are like me and have trouble falling asleep then you will understand how pissed I get when I am woken after 2 hours of trying to get to sleep! It’s like I have to start all over! I have to make my brain shut off and shut up! But of course by this time my sweet husband is now sucking all the oxygen out of the room so I can’t even attempt any sleep at all now! I will be consuming more coffee than normal!




And so this is how it goes every weekend my husband is home. I hate to tell him to get out because he’s gone all week. He sleeps in hotel rooms and hotel beds all week! The one thing he looks forward to the most is his own bed. I can’t do this to him! Plus, I miss him like crazy and I feel my most content when he is with me but damn Gina…I like…no love, my sleep! I have to function for children, who need me to be patient for them and without sleep I am just not! I feel like dog crap!




I don’t have a real ending to this blog or a spin. All I can say is I am always thankful Jason makes it home safe. I am so thankful he comes back to my bed and I love him so much…scream goat face and all.




I vow to love you. Snoring included. -Dawn

xoxo sk


6 thoughts on “Goat Face

  1. hehehe I always tell hubby I am going to smother him with a pillow over the snoring but after 20 years, I haven’t yet. I love him too much :):) I guess when they said for better or worse, snoring was in the fine print 🙂

  2. My solution is earplugs… 🙂 It also means I can’t hear it when our 1-year-old twins cry at night and so hubby has to get up and check them, while I continue sleeping… 😉
    (Actually not hearing them stresses me and I wish we had a spare bedroom, I would totally have gone there to sleep ages ago!!!)

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