Father’s Day YO!

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First let me start with MY DAD!

This is me with my Daddy-o, way back in 1982 (maybe?). Our life wasn’t perfect but then again who does has a perfect life? My Dad was and still is the biggest worrier you will ever meet. He’s protective of my Mom, me and my sisters, he cares so much what happens to all of us. My whole life my Dad was the guy, I counted on to keep me safe, no matter what and he did. Even if there where times I was scare of him, I knew without a doubt he would protect me from anything and everything. He worked all the time to provide for our family. He worked his fingers to bone to keep us all healthy and safe, to keep our heads above water. I know to look back now, my Dad wishes he would have done better, done different but Dad if you read this…I want you know this:

I am a strong women who doesn’t take crap from anyone and that’s because of you! I will fight for what is right! I am also a helper and good listener and I got that from you too. You have 3 daughters that are tough, witty and stronger than an any dude, any day of the week! NO FEAR! I am a fierce protector for my kids because of you. I’m a hard worker, work doesn’t scare me. I want to be informed with facts before I speak on a topic because you taught to know better and that facts win every time! I make decisions based off facts and not what I’m feeling at the moment because you taught me to be informed because feelings change! I am a lover of animals and the outdoors, camping, fishing and the mountain air all because of you and the time we spent do these things together. I have a small addiction to coffee…also maybe because of you but I LOVE IT! SO thank you! I work hard on my marriage and being a good, caring and respectful wife because of lessons I have learned from you! I also am patience with my kids and take the time to seek out the best for them because of lessons you have taught me. You may think you did a horrible job at times…I don’t believe that…I mean look how awesome I am! Maybe we all could and should have done better. Life isn’t fair to anyone but it is OUR responsible to make a life that’s a good one and you have taught me this too. I use this saying all the time that you tell me: It may not come out as clean as you hoped but it all comes out in the wash. Yes, this is true. We fail, we get up, we try again and we may even fail again but we don’t give up! This is life, it’s worth living it the very best that we can while we’re here. I for one am so blessed to have had you as my Dad. I take all the bad with all the good because it wasn’t all bad, it was a lot of good; all of it made me who I am today.  I have you to thank for that. SO THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU.

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You are also a great Poppy and my kids are some lucky ones! Thanks for being my Dad!

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Now for the LOVE of my life…my amazing husband, Jason!

He is seriously the best, even on the days I want to slam doors and scream, no one on Earth could love me or understand me better than him! Jason is the kind of guy that excels at his career but has fumble with me and the kids…but it’s not because he doesn’t love us like mad and want the very best for us. It’s because he didn’t have a Dad to show him how to be a Dad or a husband. This is how I KNOW this guy loves us more than life itself.  In our early days it was tough but we had a strong obsessive love for each other and that is seriously what keep us together. We were obsessive with each other! But he didn’t have a clue how to be a husband or a Dad! Sorry honey, but you didn’t! He knew I wasn’t happy, I was struggling to keep living that way anymore. Jason read every book, went to counseling, worked harder for me and for our only son at the time. He would do anything to get it right. I did too. It took time and lots of patience. We went to church, grew our relationship with God and slowly he started to become a leader in our home, not just another one of my kids. Jason is the kindest, gentlest and smartest human I know. He loves and forgives when he would have every right not too…he still does. He loves our kids to no end and protects them with everything he has. He would do anything for them and for me! He’s by far the best parent…did I just write that??? I say this because he doesn’t cuss around them, he watches how he talks and what he talks about. I however…need to work on this…a lot! He loves my family and my fam is a mess most the time. We are the most dysfunctional bunch you have ever met but he loves my parents, my sisters and he would anything for them! He does this because Jason LOVES me! He loves me when I am being unreasonable, stubborn and moody. He loves me in all the good and all the bad. He loves me when I am sick and takes care of me with a gentleness that I couldn’t live without. We are most importantly the very best of friends. Jason YOU are my best friend and soul mate. Not many people actually get to be with their soul mate…we are blessed. You are everything and I love you like a fat kid love cake…for real!

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How blessed we are to have you, Jason, to lead our family. I love you forever.

“She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the LOVE of her father.” – HAPER LEE

xoxo sk

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