Get Outside!

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Do I sound like a grumpy old timer?  Well, maybe I am! What in the world has happen to kids playing outdoors?

They eat all the time! These kids cannot be striving! They have never been striving in their very pamper lives, let alone even hungry!

Why do we as the adults, parents…whatever, need to entertaining them every second?

Just play outside and be kids! When did childhoods become so glittery, sparkly and Disneyland like?

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And…I’m over it, already. I had to explain to a 7, 8, 9, 11, and almost 13 year old, that the game of TAG is meant to be played outside. Ya, know in the sun and fresh air! Sending them outside to play was pure torture for them. They were sure that I must be punishing them.

We live in Minnesota for God-sake! We have 8 long frozen months of winter! Why wouldn’t you be outside every chance you got! And since when do I, as the adult need to come up with the active for you, as the kid to play? Why does it seem like these kids have lost all their creativity and imagination?

I don’t want to compare too much to my childhood because…well, so much is different now. But one thing I am beyond thankful for is being outside as a kid. I don’t remember being forced by my parents to go outside either. I walked or rode my bike everywhere. I went to the park all the time, the convenient store to get a snack or a drink and to meet up with friends. We just played around the neighborhood but stayed close mostly, we enjoyed the outdoors. I didn’t even want to come inside my house. It didn’t matter how hot it was or if it was raining, we would go to the park and find gazebos to hide under or just chill in our garage with our friends until it was over. Sure we hung out in our rooms from time to time but that was for winter! This all makes me think, I’ve made it to nice in this house for my kids and they may never leave.

Am I over thinking this?

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So many things have changed since I was a kid and that is the way it’s suppose to be, good and bad! I know every generation thinks the next one coming up, isn’t pulling their weight or basically sucks to put it bluntly. This is just how it goes. I want to be really clear in this post that I do not believe the next generation sucks. I do believe some and others from my very own generation…are waiting around for that CEO job and working hard, sweating and being told NO, is enough to put them in therapy for life! We live in a time where it’s believed we deserve everything but work for nothing. I do believe this a small amount of people honestly, those people are just really loud and whiny so we hear them more than the ones who are killing it, working their butt off, grinning everyday for their goal and crushing it! I truly think we have way more people working it! Those people don’t have time to brag, whine or blame…they have work to do! Those people usually start in the mail room, at the bottom, getting coffee and taking notes. It’s not ideal for them but they focus on the big picture and what it takes to get there! (my husband is this guy)

I’m not being a hater…really! I mean, let’s be real here…we older peeps are rising these young-ins! So ya, some of this whiny business is on us. Going over the top with toys and more toys, every electronic known to man, video games galore and all the different systems! Then all the special different treats and food! I don’t even want to go there because I never had individual chips, cracker, cookies, cereal boxes and fruit cups…not ever. I didn’t have even Pop-Tarts! Then we can’t use negative terms now… like saying NO! WHAT! We adults make life way to convent.

Do I plan on changing something?

Yes and no. I Give my kids chores. I pay them but also have responsibilities to our family and our home that they don’t get paid for. This will not change. I want then to learn how to use money and save it as well. I also want them to know that we don’t get paid for being a team, a family, being helpful and kind. That’s just the right thing to do. So don’t be a jerk! I pay for what they need but the extra stuff is on them, so they need to save up and figure it out on their own.

I have to be honest, I haven’t been great about this. I still have over bought for my kids! I need to dail it back… way back!

I WILL make my kids be outside more. They can sit outside and stare at each other for all I care! Just be outside! I will not entertain these little monsters! BE FREE! Run, Play…do what kids do! GEZZ! When did being a kids become so stressful?

I will feed them close to same way. I do force my kids to eat those veggies and fruit from time to time still but only wish I had the goodies that my kids have, when I was a kid!

I just wanted some food! I’ve been hungry before. I actually did have times when I went to bed with stomach pains from being hungry. I remember just eating saltines crackers and mustard. It was delicious poor people food! Honestly, I still eat my crackers and mustard and my kids eat it sometime too, because it’s a childhood food of mine. It’s weird but sometime I even crave it.

My mom did her best to create meals out of nothing for us! That’s how I learned to be a very creative cook myself, I’m sure! I also had to take care of my siblings during the days of summer and I always had a list of chores to do everyday or else. Not only did I have responsibility to care for my sisters all day, everyday and complete whatever else my mom dreamed up for me but I also had to be okay with being alone.

Did I always enjoy this? Of course not! Having to deal with my two sisters everyday and cleaning all the time, while my parents were at work during summer break, was not ideal! I hated it! But I did it! And when I got the chance to enjoy the outside freedom, I did!

I can say it was all bad but really it wasn’t! I am glad that I had my sisters to learn and grow with all summer. We used our imagination and came up with fun things to do! I remember those times and I feel so blessed that I had my sisters to fill the day with! We were usually pretty good about working together and getting those chores done really quick right before our parents walked in the door from work! We also could always pull together and dig up enough change to buy to some Budding lunch meat and some french bread for an awesome sub sandwich and a can of soda. It was always the best lunch EVER!

Also being alone made me figure out how to be okay! I know things have changed so much since I was kid but I was home alone by 7-ish at least. The summers maybe 8? I had to know how to use a real…phone, know important numbers to call for help by heart and just be responsible. I was okay just being. I didn’t need a computer, a tablet, TV or cable, netflixs…just being with myself was fine. I would play in my backyard and kick my soccer ball around, then write in my note-book for hours and I was fine…all outside by the way! It was fine. I was fine.

When my parents got home, I couldn’t wait to leave! And, the days that I had my freedom, I took it! I had my house key in my pocket and if I forgot it than I broke in into my house through the doggy door. No biggie.


I didn’t have near the amount of fancy toys, outside equipment, electronics and other gizmos and gadgets that my kids do but that’s not their fault. It’s all on me. Today after the last kids finally left my house (nearly 6pm), I laid down in bed and close my eyes to rest! I was to tired to even get a glass of wine, all I could do was lay like a dead body! My daughter walked in and asked if I was okay. I told her that I was exhausted and I wanted to close the house down for the night. She said she knew I was tired and done. The she climbed up on my bed and touched my head. She asked if I had a headache and I told I did, a bad one. Then I started to name off all reasons why I have a headache. My newly stained kitchen counter because of pink slime, the multiple half eaten; single bags of chips and a broken piece of furniture. Not to mention, I think I cleaned my kitchen and living 200 times today, yeah I’m done. “You guys made me a little crazy today,” I told her. Grace said back to me, “Mom you make yourself crazy.”  I just looked at her for a moment and replied..”Well, what should I do about that?” Her answer to me was to make a DIY stress ball, then tell the kids to play outside and if they want to be inside, they will be watching a movie only because the house is a chill zone. I smiled at her and said “Good idea, Grace.” I think I just might put this in place starting Monday!

The moral of this story is I think I might have been my own worst enemy here this week. The stress of extra kiddos, even though I love them all and my body fighting against me…was too much! Next week I am actually off from kids, other than my own (Thank You Dear Lord). I only have a few extra things to do and work on MY writing and MY job. Which I am really looking forward too. But you can bet your butt that the next week that I have kids back In This house, I will have new rules in place. I really don’t care if anyone likes me. My sanity is priceless! My only really task here is to keep you all alive…MISSION ACOMPILSHED!

3 thoughts on “Get Outside!

  1. My daughter and I have this saying. “But are you bleeding?” No matter what she goes through in life, she knows I’m gonna remain calm unless there’s blood involved.

    Kick their butts outside! Your sanity is important! I grew up much the same way as you. We just had to be home before dark, because we were exploring in the woods. It’s rather ironic that we have to kick our kids outside, when my Mom never knew where any of us were for certain. She was just happy to see us come home in one piece, all sweaty and dirty from playing hard.

    Make the most of your quiet time. Focus on you and what makes your heart happy. xxx

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